TB Joshua Watch British Doctor Lied To Us?

As promised, we send the pictures of our detractors online for you to see who they really are. These are the guys who sent various emails to us of the London branch of SCOAN announcing their resignation from the church and giving reasons for doing so. Some made very serious unsubstantiated allegations against the man of God only to write on their blog they didn’t have ‘evidence to support their case’.

Some of these persons are XXXXXXXX who write under different pen names and complain ‘their loved ones are still holed up in SCOAN’, Karina and Morne van Niekerk, Dr John Hardeker, Tracey De Souza, Leon and wife. There are many more names but since they have not written to us personally, we are not going comment about them. These include Giles.

For those of us who did not respond to their nauseating articles and their attempts to woo us to their fold, this is the time for us to respond to them, by exposing their identities and their evil machinations. Dr John Harderker, a medical practitioner, who is supposed to be intelligent enough and who supervised most of the healings that took place in the London branch by explaining or diagnosing their sickness before and after healing to the congregation, claimed the SCOAN was a cult and lifted whole articles from the net to support his case.

John Hardaker, an English doctor

John had been a member of SCOAN for over seven years and acted on several occasions as the person with the expertise who took the medical history of the patients who were to be arraigned before the prayer line. After healing, he explains to the congregation the severity or otherwise of the patient who had been healed. Those healed are then told to see their doctors for confirmation of their healing. Those who get the confirmation get back to testify to their healing. It was this same doctor that stood behind the pulpit to confirm the healing

Above is Oniel with a bouncing child. Fibroid gone and now able to bear children.

and to explain to the congregation the intricate nature of the illness and how it was only God who could bring about the healing. What has now changed? Is he saying the healings are not true? Is it all hallucination? If, it is, then it makes him a liar, a fraud and someone who could not to be trusted to tell the truth. How sad could he collude to tell us people have been healed while it was obviously not so. Why should he throw dust in our eyes by now turning around later on to say he didn’t have the full medical history of the people in question. Has he now become a latter day ‘apologetic’?

Now, we at Watching TB Joshua believe God still heals today and that the bible is not a historical document but a present day reality. Oniel who comes from Cardiff came to SCOAN with an acute fibroid which was giving her much problems, she was arraigned before the prayer line and was prayed for by ex-pastors Angie and Dave using the anointing water as a point of contact. She went back to the doctors and was told there was no trace of fibroid in her womb. She brought with her medical proofs showing the fibroid before and after healing. Dr Hardeker was stunned and after going through her medical history

remarked that this could only be done by God. Why is he now having doubts? What changed his mind after Haiti?

Watching TB Joshua’s message to TB Joshua watch


We greet you all in the name of Jesus. I am sure you had a good Christmas day with your respective families. Christmas is all about the messiah Jesus and His unconditional love for us.

The purpose of this blog is not about hate but rebutting some allegations, misconceptions and distortions being made by the T.B. Joshua Watch. It is about robustly defending SCOAN and all that it stands for.

In this regard, we shall continue to expose those behind this organization and lay bare the truth in public. As we have started doing, we will continue to publish the names of those who wrote to us while leaving the ministry and the link between their messages and that of their blog.

We published their names earlier on in our articles because we have a right to respond and we can choose any medium we deem fit, their threats not withstanding. If they think we don’t have the right they can go to court for a redress. Anyone who has written to us, regardless of their position in society or profession should be ready to be exposed with their pictures attached, so, get ready.

As , Jesus’ love is unconditional, and we shall always emulate Him when writing by extending our love to our foes and detractors. It is still going to be an intellectual discourse based on the bible. Yes, it’s regrettable that in some instances it had gone beyond the discourse to personalities and we urge the opposite blog to desist from calling the prophet names because they should trust we shall also hit back at them in the same vein.

Meanwhile, we wish all our readers a Happy New Year! Make the bible a standard for your life by reading and meditating on it everyday.

T.B. Joshua Watch, Why Complain?

Editor’s note

We have received a comment by Katharsis, obviously a sympathizer of the T.B. Joshua Watch blog in which she admonishes a commenter in the person of Aloysius not to curse his opponents.

This is a bit strange since there is nothing in the comment by Aloysius to suggest curses or cursing. He said God’s healing of an individual is not unconditional and that Angie should be careful about  sin in her life that may bring back her disease and this is merely following the discourse on healing we have been debating all along with the T.B Joshua Watch group.

Katharsis, since when did you realize that the debate was on issues and not on personalities? Are you aware of the attacks on the person of T.B. Joshua by the T.B. Joshua Watch? I urge you to go back and read their articles and get back with an apology. I don’t want to go to the merits and demerits of your comment but if anything you are the one cursing.

On love: Where is the love in the articles of the T.B. Joshua Watch group?  Again, I urge you to read their write ups and prove me wrong. Just check on their comments side and see the unprintable language being spewed by this unenlightened group. Let me give you the benefit of the doubt by saying you have not been following developments on both side of the divide, then I can safely say you are ignorant.

I implore you to be more circumspect when responding to comments and do a thorough research and investigate the issues before responding so that your folly would not play in to it.

If you want a real academic discourse on the bible then T.B. Joshua watch must desist from unsubstantiated allegations and concentrate on the real issues at stake.

‘Fabricated’ stories of the ‘TB Joshua Watch gang’

TB Joshua Watch……….an outstanding example of paradigm paralysis, tainted by deceit and obnoxious insinuations. It is very sad to see and read the ‘fabricated’ stories and account of the ‘gang’ propagating the evil attacks on SCOAN as a ministry and the person of Prophet T B Joshua. Suffice to say that, it is now quite evident that the people behind this ’evil project’ are the disgruntled elements, who for whatever reason they became followers and workers in this ministry for the ‘many’ years had not accomplished their

mission, or their own agenda.

Who first enticed or forced them into this ministry anyway? Because of their selfish and dubiously motivated reasons, and because they could not ‘achieve’ what they desired, consequently decided to be the strong attackers of this ministry. It is quite sad to witness this, for whatever it is worth, come on…..seems the whole issue is tantamount to the skin colour. Am sure that if TBJ were to be of the other skin colour, oh……it would be a different kettle of fish indeed!

It is quite apparent that the postings and so called ‘comments’ on their ‘venture’ are all concocted, because as they claim they still have ‘loved ones’ in the ministry. These so called former disciples and workers in the vineyard had given and narrated their ‘own side’ of why they left. Really we don’t get it, what point are they making? As we said earlier, we do not and will never incite anyone to come forward to tell stories about how and why they left SCOAN, the postings and comments we publish are well scrutinised before hand , because we will never be part of words trading and counter accusations, or preside over others to judge and watch them. All we are doing is to establish and foster good, spirit-filled relationship with Children of God for the salvation of their souls, just like by-line of Emmanuel TV…….Changing Lives, Changing Nations, Changing the World. As we know as children of Most High….The evidence of Christ is Life Changed. We know indeed that BETTER IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH, THE BEST IS YET TO COME!


We encourage all our friends who know the identities of the faceless individuals behind the T.B. Joshua Watch to expose them. It has become imperative to unmask them and let the world know who they really are. They mustn’t hide their identities and must come out clean as bold and truthful people.

Bold men who want the world to know the truth because they believe they hold the key to the truth shouldn’t hide their identities

Sky News tried to disingenuously link an AID’s sufferer to SCOAN London


Our attention has been drawn to a BBC report on healing practices in churches across London.

It highlighted the deaths of three sufferers of HIV who refused to take in their medication because they believed they had been healed by their pastors. The report never said anything damning about the Synagogue.

It never linked the three deaths to Synagogue as the detractors of T.B Joshua would like us to believe. In SCOAN, a doctor’s report is requested before anyone is arraigned for prayer and healing. After prayer and healing the patients are made to go back for a thorough check with their doctor’s to find out whether they have been healed or otherwise. This has been the procedure and practice in SCOAN since its inception.

Whilst we believe in divine healing, we also make sure mandatory hospital checks are applied to ascertain the truth of healing. The bible is not a historical document and it is alive with healing and miracles. It is God’s word made alive and when applied works. We know the healer and He is Christ, the King.

The assertion of Francis Kaikumba of African Health Policy Network (AHPN) that, ‘SCOAN may be one of those involved in the practices’ is unsustainable in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

In another development, Sky on the 25/11/11 tried to disingenuously link an AID’s sufferer who said he had been told by his pastor in North London to stop taking his AID’s tablets to Synagogue. Synagogue as church has never operated in the North of London. It operated in the South East of London and now back to its former place of worship in London Yes, we believe in divine healing and we make sure those who attend the prayer line to be prayed for furnish us with their medical history before being prayed for. After prayers, they are made to go for a thorough check up with their doctors to find out whether they have healed or not. As stated earlier, we believe in divine healing, as well as, conventional medicine, they both complement each other. Check a follow up of their sky reportage in the link provided SKY NEWS. We urge Sky to be forthright in presenting the truth. In their news report they made it appear Emmanuel was a member of Synagogue and in their printed media with its link provided above they stated Emmanuel was a member of a church in North London. The contradiction is glaring for all to see. Our freedom to worship and to follow our faith and beliefs is not in conflict with the national interest. We have a right to our freedom to worship and association.

The BBC report has been seized upon by a group of noted former members of SCOAN to peddle lies and discredit the church. We know they are behind this orchestration to tear apart the Church and cause disaffection for it in the eyes of the public but their actions will come to naught. The church is firmly rooted in Christ and no amount of attacks would distract it from its agenda of reaching out and saving lost souls.

Doctors Treat; God Heals – A Response To Sky News from SCOAN LONDON

By Stella Dooley

TB Joshua Watch Camouflage Themselves As Advocates of The Truth…….

TB Joshua’s critics mask themselves as advocates of the truth, but the undisputed fact remains that there’s a world of difference

between unveiling the truth and instinctive fault finding, and TB Joshua watch are on the

Light and Dark

prowl for the latter like the biblical proverbial lion seeking whom to devour. Fault finding has now become their perceived ministry and the pattern of thinking in which their minds are formed. In the previous section of this post we raised several glaring similarities between TB Joshua watch and the Pharisees in Jesus day and showed that there was clearly no difference between them, we promised to continue in subsequent post with the scriptural reasons for our belief about TB Joshua watch as a Pharisees sect. What makes such pharisical spirit so dangerous is that it disguises itself as a form of enlightenment.

This is what Jesus meant when he said “if the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness (Matt 6:23)

The darkness is great because the bearer is deluded into thinking it is light.

So How does TB Joshua watch fulfil this criteria?

TB Joshua watch describe their site as a platform: “looking for the truth about TB Joshua and SCOAN”

But rebuking a prophet is their perceived ministry (Luke 19:39)

Fault finding with him is their perceived ministry (Matt7:2)

Publicly exposing his alleged weaknesses is their perceived ministry (John 8:6)

So here’s a summary of their pharisical identification marks and how TB Joshua watch alongside TB Joshua’s critics fulfil all the criteria:

1. They are often doctrinally correct, hence are dangerous. (Acts 23:8)

TB Joshua watch say many things in concurrence with the scriptures, but does that validate their purpose? The bible speaks in Matt 4 of Satan quoting scriptures to Jesus, but in an attempt to tempt him.

2. They love tradition (Matt. 15:1-2; Mark 7:3-5)

TB Joshua watch have come against TB Joshua’s ministry partly because he doesn’t follow traditional Christian norms, but they forget that Jesus himself was a non conformist to a lot of the traditional Judean beliefs of his day, an example being the Sabbath, which they enforced so much that man became a slave to it.
A few quotes:

Someone somewhere says: PERMALINK
July 13, 2011 at 10:57 am
absolutely correct. First time I’ve ever heard of the Word = the bread (communion). I think this ignores 2000 years of Christian tradition in which the bread = Jesus’ body.

Someone Somewhere PERMALINK

July 14, 2011 8:05 pm

I’m sure that most of the people on this site would consider themselves to be born again Christians. It seems like the theology you adhere to is far removed from generally accepted theology.

3. They’re always poised to investigating healing!

The book of John 9 captures a situation where the Pharisees investigate the healing of a man born blind because they never believed the healing to be true, this is one of the open challenges made by TB Joshua watch, to allow for independent investigations of healings that happen in Scoan, a quote:

Hardaker believes that this is not evidence enough. “There needs to be truly free and independent scrutiny from a group of trustworthy and impartial researchers who have access to all participants. They must have the liberty to report all findings both negative and positive. This will then get somewhere near to assessing veracity.”

Nanardi says: PERMALINK
September 1, 2011 at 9:36 am
…There is still no proof of evidence by an independent organization that those “Works” you mention are of the Holy Spirit.

Even in the face of overwhelming evidence contrary to their views, countless testimonies and live healing and deliverance broadcasts they refuse to believe.

4. They attribute true works of God, to the devil. (Matt. 9:34; 12:24)

Satan is a destroyer, sicknesses diseases and the likes are his products but TB Joshua’s critics seem to believe that Satan has turned to a repairer and restorer of life and hence attribute the miraculous healings and deliverances to other gods and principalities a quote from one of the ex-disciple attesting to this from their site reads:

I don’t believe they are “prophecies” at all, but divination, which is seeing into the future via the occult. Christians are not the only ones who can tell the future. Witch doctors, fortune tellers, they all can as well.

Giles says: permalink
may 23, 2011 at 10:22 am
hi Jens you may have read some of my posts on this site (I was one of the ex disciples who left) in reply to your queries about the prophecy, I think it’s a mixture of divination (occult) and basic trickery…. this is divination- the occultic practise of glimpsing into the future – but its hidden by a big propaganda machine selling it as biblical prophecy.

5. They are poised to testing a prophet in order to catch him in his words: Mark 12:13

TB Joshua’s critics would do anything just to find a fault with him, even to the extent of testing him: a visitor to their site declared to them his intention of visiting Scoan and their response to him was a test question aimed at either TB Joshua or his disciples: here is the quote below:


July 19, 2011 1:07 pm

Hi very

Well my advice would be to have nothing to do with them…but I don’t think your hubbie would be convinced with that. All I can ask is that if he does go, ask if tb Joshua sins…make sure he gets a straight yes or no. No explanations, no theological discussions, no quotable quotes. Just yes or no.

It is clear that this is not a question asked for the sake of enlightenment or learning, but one poised as a trap much like the Pharisees did to Jesus.

6. They are worldly wise and perceptive. (Matt. 21:45)

This is a point we’ve proven here under the topic post that discussed their pharisee chronicle, the serpentine manner with which they subtly criticize and condemn him is typical of them so as not to appear satanic in the public’s eye.

7. They do what they can to stop people from being saved. (Matt. 23:13)

TB Joshua’s critics are not dumb enough of course say this out loud, neither did the Pharisees in Jesus day, but action inadvertently does speaks louder than words, let’s examine the evidence proving this point:

“Discouraging the sick from going to Scoan for healing”

A quote response to gretta who indicated a desire to visit SCOAN from Ian and ex-disciple Giles:


October 1, 2011 7:30 pm

I would strongly urge you not to go to something I KNOW is a cult.


July 19, 2011 5:20 am

My advice is to get your husband to read the above article and others on this site, and try to convince him not to go.

Another critic:


October 6, 2011 2:50 pm

Hi Gretta. If you are hungry for God, don’t spend money going to Nigeria…Yes, God is in Nigeria, but he is also in your heart. You won’t hear him any better in Nigeria than you can at home.

(When a commenter asked if people like Apostle Paul were no longer needed in the world, this critic gave an appalling answer)


October 5, 2011 6:42 am

Hey Someone…

…Now to rephrase my question again…. Name a Paul of our day? Or would you say that people like that is no longer needed?

Someone Somewhere PERMALINK

October 5, 2011 1:05 pm

” …Absolutely, unequivocally, YES! We don’t need them…”

Ex-disciple Giles also replied with the same shocking answer:


October 5, 2011 7:11 am

Jenson, we do not need “big names” like Benny hinn or tb Joshua- ppl who SCOAN would dub as “the Paul of our day”

Discouraging the afflicted from ministering the anointed water- a point they explicitly stated when they said:

The water is a way of spreading TB Joshua’s anointing, so if it is truly Christ who is the healer, throw away the anointing water!

Discouraging people from watching Emmanuel TV, by tagging Emmanuel TV in all its transparency as a propaganda channel. A quote:

Giles says: PERMALINK
May 25, 2011 at 10:10 am
…It’s true that if you watch EmTV you’ll see success story after success story. But that’s all you’ll see. This is how propaganda works… It’s why I call EmTV their propaganda station. I understand if you prolly won’t be persuaded to come over to the dark side (mwooo ha ha ha ha).

On works of charity, one of their site administrators, Ianmcaught, suggested that no more charity works should be done in SCOAN on the basis of financial accountability. A Quote:

May 31, 2011 at 8:51 am
“… Asking who SCOAN is financially accountable to is a very important question, if the answer is “don’t know” or “no one”, then stop giving!

If this is not a way of preventing people from being saved, we don’t know what it is!

8. They emphasize externals while neglecting Internals. (Luke 11:42)

TB Joshua’s critics have often mocked him, his command of English language, his dressing and accent while giving no consideration to inner character: a few quotes:


October 7, 2011 9:00 am

“….Look at new site of SCOAN now. More and more bigger pictures, better collar, better tie knots, better juckets, better shoes, pictures improved and polish by photoshops, but where is Jesus. Is Jesus bigger or more ond more small in appearance? Where is humility? John the Baptist the prophet did he wears in the Bible soft and elegance clothing. Prophet Elisha and Elijah with camel skin clothes?”

9. They aggressively pursue and provoke the servants of God. (Luke 11:53)

giles says: PERMALINK

September 6, 2011 at 9:22pm

I know exactly what i think of him. He’s a fraud, a phoney who promotes himself on the TB Joshua Show, which is privately owned- by him.

While they may subtly persecute TB Joshua so as not to appear evil before the world, The swiftness with which they use every available instrument to attack, such as the misquoted BBC report, shows an aggresive pursuance with Some of their statements being most provoking as any Scoan supporter who has visited their site would notice as the first commenter under their current post lamented:

lilian Muzondo says: PERMALINK

October 18, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Why do you hate TB Joshua? Your accusations are baseless please dont post me this staff again, I dont believe your lies, ok.

If the supporters are this provoked we can only imagine how the prophet being spoken of would feel himself.

10. They are an arrogant, reviling, unteachable, self righteous, and spiritually blind bunch. (John 9:28-34)

All these are evident in their posts, they feel righteous enough to judge TB Joshua, and are unteachable, a few quotes:

ian says: PERMALINK

July 20, 2011 at 10:23 am

“…I should probably be up front with you and tell you that I can 100% guarantee you that nothing you say will change my mind on TB Joshua, if you think otherwise you are wasting your time.


August 22, 2011 11:17 am

@ Soe,

“I am 100% sure that you don’t have any spiritual comparison before you entered in this mess or spiritual arena.

… Hell will first freeze before I would accept anything from you…”


August 1, 2011 12:53 am

Why do u call your blog tbjoshuawatch yet it is clear that u are not watching anything (in the spirit i mean) i see someone here talking of a sign frm a movie which i assume to be satanic judging frm wat he is sayin regards to the medallion. Now u that watches such things u come out to judgeTB coz u say parts of the movies medallion looks ‘like’ wat you saw on the annointing water package is that how u discern, so the next time apreacher puts on an all black garment he wil be in trouble with u people coz u wil associate the colour of his clothes with darkness… Im writing you frm Zimbabwe

These are Just about half the pharisical character TB Joshua watch have displayed so far, in subsequent posts we shall bring you the rest as they themselves have shown with their very words.