Watching TB Joshua’s message to TB Joshua watch


We greet you all in the name of Jesus. I am sure you had a good Christmas day with your respective families. Christmas is all about the messiah Jesus and His unconditional love for us.

The purpose of this blog is not about hate but rebutting some allegations, misconceptions and distortions being made by the T.B. Joshua Watch. It is about robustly defending SCOAN and all that it stands for.

In this regard, we shall continue to expose those behind this organization and lay bare the truth in public. As we have started doing, we will continue to publish the names of those who wrote to us while leaving the ministry and the link between their messages and that of their blog.

We published their names earlier on in our articles because we have a right to respond and we can choose any medium we deem fit, their threats not withstanding. If they think we don’t have the right they can go to court for a redress. Anyone who has written to us, regardless of their position in society or profession should be ready to be exposed with their pictures attached, so, get ready.

As , Jesus’ love is unconditional, and we shall always emulate Him when writing by extending our love to our foes and detractors. It is still going to be an intellectual discourse based on the bible. Yes, it’s regrettable that in some instances it had gone beyond the discourse to personalities and we urge the opposite blog to desist from calling the prophet names because they should trust we shall also hit back at them in the same vein.

Meanwhile, we wish all our readers a Happy New Year! Make the bible a standard for your life by reading and meditating on it everyday.


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