World Hunger in full wake by early 2012 – TB Joshua

TB Joshua’s prophetic ministry has come under the fire of controversy and opposition, some critics believe he randomly throws them out waiting for a time when any world event close to them would occur, a point which is completely nullified by just looking at the sheer number of prophecies on the scoan official website, whilst some who believe he does prophesy accurately, believe it is a product of powers other than that of the Holy Ghost, the surprising thing here is that majority of people in either group stated above, even upon holding such negative views on the source of his prophecies, dread them to the extent that even a false rumored one once halted all the economic activities in a certain province, how come some people believe a prophet false and yet hold his prophetic powers in such high regard? In any-case, its clear that TB Joshua remains undaunted in his prophetic ministry by these doubting thomases, carving for himself a forte in accurate world prophecies , he spoke again Live on Sunday 25th of December 2011, from the SCOAN in Nigeria via his Christian television channel, Emmanuel TV and prophesied of economic hardships to come in 2012, and according to him we brought it upon ourselves, this economic depression soon to come in the Incoming year.


Unintentionally spoiling the chrismas celabrative mood the members were obviously in, T.B. Joshua prophesied that the world must be ready for hard times next year (2012) as joblessness and national food insecurity will rise. He stated that for the continent Africa, this is as a result corruption, embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds, he explained that we have not seen the repercussion of all the corruption so far which he referred to as a seed which had been sown but which would sprout out of the heap in the incoming year, and precisely by February ending of the year 2012. The repercussion of the heavy looting and misappropriation of public funds carried out by African politicians would be evident by February ending as the sprouting of a seed sown in the last few years. Whilst the hunger to be suffered by those in the western world was basically as a result of the nations embarking on wars without consulting God for direction. The prophet warns of a worldwide economic depression that would be so bad that it would result in the fall in value of many currencies, including the euro and dollar and this would result in many countries in Europe wanting to return to their own National currency. He advised for every country that would survive the impending economic depression to shift their security vote to agriculture as bombings other great threats to lives and properties would greatly decrease because people would want to conserve the little they have for their daily bread. He also advised that at least half of each countries national budget should be allocated to agriculture and the other half to be shared among the other sectors if any country would survive the coming crisis.


Prior to the prophetic declarations for the incoming year, TB Joshua explained how all the prophecies he declared for the outgoing year had reached fulfillment ranging from the economic crisis that affected the world to the bombings that occurred in the Nation Nigeria, though unheeded by the governments and politicians usually concerned, his prophecies have always been spot on and it is for this reason that the government of each county need take heed of his advice and not just end on ‘we don’t listen to messengers/prophets of God as government’. this is what would ultimately lead to chaos -refusal to take the way out. this is what TB Joshua himself lamented as he delivered these prophecies, how they are always ignored by those concerned and affected, who yet expected him to do something about them, which he explained by illustrating with a picture of someone in London asking to get his haircut in Nigeria while he remained in London which is clearly impossible.


The prophecy was received with a sad face amidst the SCOAN congregation, as it didn’t at all seem favorable, to cheer up

TB Joshua: advises that everyone returns to Farming

TB Joshua: advises that everyone returns to Farming

the souls of the christian faithfuls present at the church service, TB Joshua quickly read from his list of prophecies, the good thing about this coming economic depression which had saddened the face of the members, he stated that the good thing about the economic depression soon to come is that everyone would be forced to discover himself/herself and be self employed, which seems to be everyone’s dream as people want to be bosses on their own, smiles could be seen beaming from the face of listeners at this message, the prophet further encouraged the members to seriously venture into farming as they wouldn’t regret it, adding that a seminar would be organised by the ministry to guide the prospective farmers in the congregation into this venture as a way to survive the coming crisis.


As we said earlier, TB Joshua’s world prophecies have sparked up so much opposition from critics, cynics and skeptics, rather than embrace such a priceless gift, He is resisted and fought, (this is off the back of a tragedy!), when with the counsel of prophets like him the world wouldn’t at all have dived into this economic crisis, thousands of people should have long evacuated an area before an earthquake occurs, a tornado, tsunami, or fire would strike a place already empty of people. Planes that would crash would not even take off at all etc in the end thousands would be saved. For those critics who still hold the sordid and lob-sided view that the prophecies of TB Joshua are vague prophecies which he throws out from time to time, while waiting until a world event takes place which could arguably fit with the prophecy, what do you have to say about the details of this prophecy and the assurance he gives that it would occur? – to the extent of him providing a way out by asking for more emphasis on Agriculture which is a form of relief for survival? what about those prophecies that relate to a clearly stated event such as football matches, plane crashes, bombings and the rest? do let us hear your thoughts in the comments.


3 thoughts on “World Hunger in full wake by early 2012 – TB Joshua

  1. joseph says:

    It is gratifying to have such a man in our midst at this time of our generation.For how long will the skeptics see the events pass as prophesied?Let the whole world believe that we have a little model in TB Joshua,humble,down to earth,generous,and above all charming to those of us who watch him daily.God will one day set a table before these critics and enemies.

  2. All nations & their rulers who neglected the prophets of their time perished & were doomed. Some were even wiped out of the World map.
    Do we have leaders who fear God, who listen to His prophets? Untill all nations “Believe in the LORD your God, so shall ye be established; believe his prophets, so shall ye prosper.” 2 Chr. 20:20b.
    God bless us all.

  3. It is a blessing to have a man of God in the likes of TB Joshua. He gives us prophesies which come to pass. Many donnot believe him because it is written when you have the spirit of God whatever you will say people will be against because they do’nt understand how God operates. The one who is with The man of God is greater than the one in those who are opposing him. He practices his teachings of love and giving. The almight God will increase his ministries and will live long in Jesus name. Matrida S. Kangongu – Zambia

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