TB Joshua “The most needed”

Amidst all the imprudence of argument and controversy spurned by critics over TB Joshua’s prophecies on several SCOAN critic sites, we stumbled across two insightful responses to critics worthy of note on a SCOAN critic site, which the cynics just ignore, but would be treasured by people with a conscience, a heart for God and all things true.

When Will the world eventually Believe TB Joshua?

eyetbjoshua PERMALINK January 17, 2012 8:30 pm

People of this generation! We’ll never change. We’re just too blindfolded. When pharaoh heard there was a ‘boy’ who could interpret dreams he immediately sent for him cos he wanted whatever problem to be averted neglecting the caliber of person he was. And Claire you made mention that if he had given this prophecy in 2001 it would have been useful. But are you aware these prophecies were also given in 2008?

About economic crises?. Now is this the month of October 2011? These leaders are just like you guys who never believe until it happens. When are you guys ever going to believe this prophet? Even these same moderators analyzed his prophecies and told us it was more accurate/true than false. But why wouldn’t you guys accept the truth? Maybe you never watched that video. Cos he made mention of the scarcity of oil. And said even there wouldn’t be enough money to purchase oil. And before the prophecy TB Joshua kept advising Nigerians about the exchange of oil for dollars.

So he did mention the cause. And gave the way out. How can we call all these mere coincidence?As much as God would love to communicate His words to us, HE does it through His prophets. Or would u prefer Him to use stones? He did not speak to His people with Stones in the past. So He’ll not now.

World leaders meet on economic issues, But where are the Divine economists? Little wonder our the world economy is in a total mess now!

The Purpose Of TB Joshua’s World Prophecies

soe PERMALINK August 16, 2011 8:52 am

It’s logical to conclude that if God has shown TB Joshua these future events and disasters before they happen, it means God has also given him the SOLUTION and PRECAUTIONS if it is an imminent danger or a disaster- which is the real essence of these prophecies

So I think he gives the prophecies as he’s shown- which should get the attention of the people or nations concerned to seek COUNSEL of the LORD through him – or who else is better to seek counsel from than the one to whom it was revealed- just as pharaoh rightly knew that was why he said to Joseph:

“Since God has shown you all this, there is none as discerning and wise as you are. – Genesis 41:39-

Imagine pharaoh going ahead to consult the economists or food experts of his day on the way out of the imminent famine Joseph predicted? They would likely have suggested irrigation systems, or dry farming-and thus lead the world to starve to death.

But the one with divine insight knew the true extent of the famine- that nothing and nothing could be done except to store up food and preserve it.

If our leaders worldwide are going to save thousands of lives from natural disasters, save lots of money pumped into the relief of affected areas and companies save themselves huge losses etc. they should learn from pharaoh in the bible who when Joseph revealed the future disaster to happen to his nation to him, consulted him for a way out.

This is where our leaders and politicians are lacking today- Consulting the scientists and other experts (which is not wrong) but neglects prophets Like TB Joshua.

The details of his prophecies may not be enough to make everyone get the whole picture, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out from the abridged but explicit and sharp details he gives- that he knows more than he’s telling. Which he often hints by saying:

“God showed me the whole thing clearly” but “I will not say more than that”

personally I believe “God shows him everything about the event he prophesies about” but giving full details publicly could make some even allege that he himself caused the event to happen if it’s a disaster, so I think the abridged version is just a way of being careful when delivering such a sensitive message to the public.

A servant cannot be greater than his Master, the bible says;

Jesus did not say a word to the people without using a parable, but when he was alone with his disciples he explained everything” Mark 4:34

I very much believe he would go into the complete details if he met the people concerned.

No matter what we say here, one fact remains- prophets with such prophetic prowess like his appear only once in a while, we are yet to see any other like him, and the earlier we embrace” his gift” the better for all of us- with such prophets in our midst- it is needless recording thousands of lives lost in natural disasters Or nations nose diving into economic crisis and the likes, of him the saying is really true” a prophet to the nations”!

When the World would eventually Believe TB Joshua

With the counsel of prophets like him thousands of people should have long evacuated an area before an earthquake occurs, a tornado, tsunami, or fire would strike a place already empty of people. Planes that would crash would not even take off at all- etc. in the end thousands would be saved.

Setting the stage for humanities final performance” – if we continue to ignore this prophet on the impending economic crisis, the world may well be on the brink of doom, as Egypt would have been if they had ignored Joseph on the impending Famine.


One thought on “TB Joshua “The most needed”

  1. Benjamin Nosagie Felix says:

    What a wonderful script there! May GOD continue to endow the watchingtbjoshua crew with wisdom, strength and above all, the love of Christ to correct the views of many that has the wrong impression about T B Joshua and the Ministry-SCOAN.
    Indeed you deal with truth not allegations. Whether the world frowns or laughs at us, we are overcomers.
    Lets take a look at Luke 8:10, Jesus said , “The knowledge of the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but to others I speak in parables, so that, though seeing, they may not see; though hearing, they may not understand.”
    Firstly, am going to draw my reply from the above scriptural portion. The situation of the world this day, i see it as an unchangeable event, because the impression they (leaders and politicians) have about God Almighty is the paramount, the principal thing. Rom 8:16 says, “The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children”. When they dont have God’s Spirit, i mean genuine repentance in their lives, they will never know who God has sent, what God says, what God wants etc. that is working with God’s projects. On like Pharoah, he had the fear of God in his life as a man of such caliber, with that he knew the wisest choice by recognising the gift of God in Joseph. In that Luke 8:10, which says, ………. the secrets of the kingdom of God has been given to ‘YOU’. The ‘you’ represents the believers-true worshippers. Such people are very few among the leaders of the world today. When they are not saved, there is no way the salvation of God would pass thru them to the people; when they are not redeemed there is no way the redemption of God would pass thru them to the people. That’s why T B Joshua tagged this year as the Year of Comeback; come back to worship God in Spirit and Truth.
    Secondly, God wants to humble the world, bringing them to their knees. There must arise a prophet as a mouthpiece of The Most High God that will reveal God’s opinion concerning this present time as it was in the time of Jeremiah.
    Thirdly, in Acts 2:41, we see how about 3 thousand were added to the church. Our Lord Jesus, during His earthly ministry, whether accepted or not in that time, all what he did were foundations of a lasting church which we are part today. The prophecies of prophets like T B Joshua, God wants to showcase His manifold greatness in the eyes of mankind as it was in the time of Moses before the Pharaoh of Egypt. (Exodus7-11) The gift/grace of God in the life of T B Joshua is the circle of God’s precedented transgenerational programming, which nothing can contend ie as of prophets of old. In one Peter’s sermon, the Church of Christ was greatly embraced as a result of what Christ has done. There shall be another era, the way this ministry was and is persecuted, the same way she shall be accepted also all the entire Body of Christ for the glory of God Almighty.

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