4 thoughts on “Prostitute Bisola Johnson Atempt to Seduce TB Joshua Exposed

  1. TB Joshua and SCOAN should not have made this video.

    It reaveals that your testimonies are staged by the workers who tell so many different fabricated stories at different times to deceive viewers. The same person lves in Kano, Lagos, schooled, smoked for 14yrs, all before the age of 20yrs? married several husbands at such an age? You people are a joke.

    Even the ministrations are stage-managed with the workers. It is obvious your workers are held by blackmail video recordings to forestall betrayals.

    One of your clips even showed scripted recited testimonies with the repeat. You fellows must be taking the public for fools in producing this video or you are too daft to know what production is about. Or the producers actually made this video to subtly cast greater doubt on TB Joshua and the whole SCOAN hoax

    Your clip reveals more than Bisola’s own video. You need to make a more intelligent and credible video. This one is a washaout and sellout.


      Are you aware the I know Bisola personally and also know they fabricated the video the made to sell for $40.00 each.also Bisola has been picked up by CRIME.WS
      Also note that we have meet more than 50 visitors from the US and UK that Bisola collected money fromin the name of TB Joshua?

    • Tocadel says:

      Dear Chaplain, your response has left much to be desired. Obviously you are biased. I want you to put your own healing on the youtube and show how much you help the poor.
      Reading Bisola’s account you don’t need to have a big brain to notice that this woman hasn’t been well. She is a liar, seeking attention and desparate for money. She had few Governors in her books, lived in a hotel for years, smkoed for 14years. Did you check out this? Chaplain, do not say what you do not know. You go and tell those with the gaping wound that their healing was stage-managed. What’s wrong in having scripted testimony? You have 2 or 3 mins to go straight to the point. You see how TB Joshua had the foresight to record everything. This has become the template for other churches. I know that you do not have this in your church because healing does not /has never taken place From what you are saying I know that you have never shot a film before. Have faith

  2. Mdee says:

    i think what the chaplain said is very true. how on earth can an individual repeat a confession word for word without mixing ‘a’ for ‘the’ and then think we are going to believe it. yes it is true you architect these videos and then intimidate these innocent people to do as you instruct them. If bisola was lying against the prophet, how do you know if she was lying against her husband and maybe his family and prostitution? If she is a liar, she is a liar though and through. I am a born again Christian and not afraid to say this.. it is NOT only by performing miracles that one is categorised as a real man of God. I can preach by just being me and doing what the word of God says. people would see and understand that what I am doing is more effective that what the others say because most of the time, this is true, ‘action speak louder than words’. stop deceiving people about false prophets, Jesus did advise that such would come and will perform even greater miracles than the ones he did, but note very well, that does not mean they are heavenly sent, a BIG NO.. what I can advise Christians nowadays to do is to pray and ask God to give them the right direction and right leader to follow because we are tired of people who impersonate Jesus and want to be called “father”. If you are stupid enough believe your prophets but the wise will believe what is written in the bible. God bless you as you try to choose between the prophet and bisola. I for one I choose CHRIST and him alone.

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