Prophet TB Joshua

On Sunday 5th February, 2012, Prophet TB Joshua gave a prophecy. He said “We should pray for one African head of state, president, against sickness that will likely take life. It is a sickness for a long time – being kept in the body for a long time. God showed me the country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that. I am still praying to God to deliver the president concerned.”

There have been numerous reports flying round the internet and various news media in many African countries for the last few days about what Prophet TB Joshua said on Sunday 5th February about an African president. Different time-frames and false dates, including ‘2 months’ ’60 days’ ‘February 16th’ and ‘April 16th’ have been mentioned. This is to certify and clarify once and for all what Prophet TB Joshua actually said on that day.



10 thoughts on “WHAT TB JOSHUA SAID REGARDING AN AFRICAN HEAD OF STATE On Sunday 5th February, 2012

  1. papalala says:

    thank you very much am glad i follow you i had actually heard it in another way.God is really with me thank you and may God continue to prosper the man of God

  2. bellah says:

    By the grace of God we are alife. Thank you man of God. People should learn to say what they know and what they have heard straight from the Source. People tend to lie, but the Bible dislike that.

  3. tasah says:

    Ever since my husband and I started using the annointing water our lives have changed, since we’ve been watching emmanuel t.v. We are blessed, we would like to thank God

  4. Paul oh says:

    The good Lord should help us to always be positive minded and eschew all tendencies to kill people deemed our opponents verbally. God should have mercy on the said leader, spare his/her life and give him/her more wisdom to lead well.
    As to Sr. prophet T. B Joshua, God should give him more grace. If not him, many would have gone down the drain of hell, including me.

  5. Mama kay says:

    Prophecies are spiritual. Viewing it in the natural is lethal. God is supreme and HIS mind boogles a natural man’s mind. People, please lets honour God and stop ‘thinking aloud’. The word of God does not need journalism. You journalists, avoid making monies using the word of God. Forgive us Lord, we are sinners. Jesus Christ, You hold the keys to all of our lives. Let You mercy and favour speak for the ailing head of an African state. Prophet T.B Joshua, you are anointed. Thank You Jesus Christ for giving the world your servant. I pray to You Lord to give me the grace to meet Your servant in the near future. Amen!

  6. ka says:

    These lies will never harm the man of God,rather promoting him from one glory to the other.The devil’s liar n it can’t stand the man of God as he’s wearing the bullet proof of the Holy Ghost n no weapon formed against him sharp prosper.Our God’s a consuming fire!!!!

  7. kayitah says:

    Alas! Why don’t people fear God? Why don’t they respect God? How can anyone with sense just decide to twist and lie what God had said through His servant? It is very, very sad, that some people around us still have no fear or respect whatsoever for the Lord our God. May God Almighty have mercy on their souls.
    God is a God of Mercy, but also of Judgement…..and that without mercy. Please people, I am now talking to those who take God lightly….and frivolously, if you don’t understand God and His servants, or you don’t know HIM very well, then be very careful when you open your mouth. Leave God and His servants alone, don’t twist or add or change what the Lord says.

    Time is coming, that is very soon, when you will wish that you had taken God seriouly when you lived on the earth!

  8. Huskydee says:

    Thank you very much that we have Emmanuel TV that captured what the Prophet has said.Thank you to all the partners that contribute towards this wonderful station.May you be blessed as the Prophet is being blessed.Things were said in the past about our man of God,but not now again.Thanks to the Emmanuel TV that we can prove them wrong all those who spread the false information, better for them to join us and support the Prophet by planting money to the Emmanuel TV and help to change this world. Dont forget that God is love.

  9. Apostle Wellington T Mahati says:

    Thank you Lord Jesus Christ,we have the whole truth unedited on Emmanuel Tv. The prince and power of the air,devil. is bruised and dethroned. Whatever satan the accuser of the brethren and his relatives will say through the internet and other media is null and void. Papa Prophet T.B Joshua is not a street prophet or spirit medium like they are used to in their circles. He speaks the words of God Almighty through the wisdom,knowledge and intellgence of the Holy Spirit given him. Without measure and by the GRACE OF GOD.

    I’ve been watching T.B Joshua on Emmanuel Tv Live since 2006. Also I got the previlege of meeting him one on one September2011.He is not a careless reckless speaker like demons want to potray through this diabolical rumours.


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