Are TB Joshua Miracles Fake or Genuine? People Must See This…

Prophet TB Joshua

Whatever one does in life people are bound to talk. One of such people they so much talk about is Prophet TB Joshua and his Ministries (SCOAN). Some claim his miracles are fake even some of his ex-disciples whom could NOT do the same thing TB Joshua does, even some Pastors too.

Please watch the videos below and tell us what you think.


33 thoughts on “Are TB Joshua Miracles Fake or Genuine? People Must See This…

  1. Ketiya Paul Alhamdu says:


  2. Ojesola sunday says:

    Tb joshua is really the true and genuine man of God. This a great prophet that God is using for our generation. Baba ride on

  3. Caroline Kutinyu says:

    prophet TB Joshua is really a true man of God. not even a fool can doubt him. He’s God sent. he is living proof of God’s manifesting in his life and ministry, and just as Jesus Christ was condemed so is he. people who cant do wat if does through God, are jealous and want to persecute him, by claiming and making up a lot of stories to tarnish his image but news flash he’s above that.

  4. Apostle Wellington T Mahati says:

    Prophet T.B Joshua is a true man of God,and the miracles he performs are real.

    The world,people, and many disciples have been impacted by his ministry. This is because he is faithful to the call of God upon his life. The encounter he had with his God,he was alone with God,and no disciple was there. There is only one TB Joshua in this world,and the work of God is not about competition as other men of God might want to put it.

    I have heard the man of God saying:”FOLLOW THE DIRECTION OF YOUR CALLING AND YOU WILL ASTONISH YOURSELF” thats the secret.

  5. No need to prove if he is fake or not as long as their mind r not renew we cannot help the blind to see the will contunue seeing dark until their eyes are open those who see with good eye can see that tb Joshua is real.if he is not real that means nothing is real.

  6. Khuthala says:

    I real true man of God.I’ve seen Him work in life and In my family through emmanual TV.

    People of God. if your relationship with God almighty is strong as Him,He will tell if you still doudting your relationship with God is questionable.

    Where is your faith:

    Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. (16) You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? (17) Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. (18) A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. (19) Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. (20) Therefore by their fruits you will know them. Matthew 7:15-20

    If TBJoshua is not a man of We would have known Him by his fruits. After all these years in ministry dont you think He would have perished by now if He was not working for God.

  7. gay moyo says:

    t b joshua is real.whether they like it or nt. he is real.that all u can say what,they can say what!, he is a servant.thats it.

  8. Dbluff says:

    D man is a graet man. If they say he is fake bcos of d impossibo tins he is doin, den dey dnt knw wat dey ar sayin

  9. Ngonidzashe Mangoro says:

    I just wana know.are prophets of God not meant to prophesy on salvation?if so then why does he prophesy about deaths of presidents as well as teams winning championships

  10. I have to get across my love for your kindness in support of those who must have guidance on in this idea. Your personal commitment to passing the solution throughout appears to be wonderfully powerful and has surely encouraged professionals like me to achieve their aims. Your new informative help can mean a whole lot to me and a whole lot more to my colleagues. Regards; from each one of us.

  11. Aisha Abubakar says:

    People who criticise this holy prophet are blind & just cannot see him healing.I have experience his miracle.they should tune in to his channel&listen. Prophet tb joshua is real. He would have faded if he was fake.I love him so much.

  12. Tariku Mekuria says:

    I like the man of God TB joshua.He is very humble and one thing that surprises me is he do se not give answer for the rumers and false accusations against u know it is when the devil is squized/pressured/ much it talks much.i belive that satan is doing all this in response of the attack God is doing through the man of God.may the lord bless the man of God much more !! i would like to invite these peoples that talk too much from the bible .proverb 18:1-2.these peoples pursue selfish ends and confront sound jugement.and we have to be careful of what we talk becaouse we will be accountable for every word we utter.again may the lord bless our prophet.

  13. John Samwel says:

    You are doing a good job indeed,but are you only for North Africa’s,west africa’s countries and not east african countries such as Tanzania?What about all those who can’t afford to buy air ticket so as to attend there?In which way the church is going to be for all nations as it is said to be?

  14. Samuel says:

    I do not care whatever they said about him , I love him and got delivered form long term chronic sickness through his ministry , now I am free and very happy. Holy Spirit is in work. I pray for him.

  15. Ishimwe CONSTANTIN says:

    Look at true prophets like Paul he was not interested in money .he worked a litlle for him self and then went to preach in the afternoon .But TB JOSHUA is abnormally too rich just like a pastor is not supposed to be .If you look at what the church normally pays to pastors YOU WILL know that his motives are not that good.Think twice they want your soul.

  16. Julia Mafata says:

    TB Joshua the annointed one may the God of Mercy keep you for generation to come heal our world by the word of life keep on giving the sick that Holy touch.

  17. Pule Nku says:

    Let them all pass dirty remarks, but one thing i know is that Prophet TB Joshua is the rock of ages and they cannot move him. He is Truly the Servant of the Living God Father of Jesus Christ. May God Bless Him More.

  18. Ogar says:

    A woman from ikom in Cross River state with mental illness has been brought to the SCOAN let’s start from there, she is well known to evry one! Call or sms me, 08184097110. And i will tell the world what i observed personally!

  19. Tatuirovka says:

    why fake?! This is a Man of God and he is doing his mission to heal people! Go to hell bad people and haters who have no faith in their empty hearts! God Bless you TB Joshua!..

  20. melambi afor benice says:

    even the bible says ‘ do not test the Lord your GOD’. neither do you put force claims on HIS servant. Those that speak bad about the prophet show ask GOD for forgiveness befor His wrath fall on them

  21. melambi afor benice says:

    wicket heart do not accept good things.
    I thahk GOD for a man like him. When i look at the miracles he does, i thank God because people would have being dying even with thier wealth. Not withstanding, there is still much to do. So dear people instead of cursing him lets pray for him in JESUS name. Ame,n

  22. chrispine zulu says:

    We should thank GOD for him to allow us be part of this generation where we are seeing wonderful miracles from Prophet TB Joshua.Pharises who thought they were too educated called Jesus different names and did not believe that the saviuor would have such low beginnings. Similarly are some of the people of today

  23. Fulufhelo says:

    Believe it or not. Darkness can not fight dark. But what bring brightness from darkness is light. Pray. God almighty will show u de truth. Dont be mislead by those of jelousy. Even jesus christ of Nazarareth dey never trust/ belioeve him. Let those who r still in darknes see light. Keep it up man of God T B Joshua. We love u and ur missions. May our good lord Increase ur Annoiting so that ur enemies die of jelousy/envy. Halala ngo Jesu. I salute u T b Joshua!

  24. Mel says:

    I think T.B. Joshua is real. He prayed for a boy with eye cancer, a little 4 year old with an arm tumor and cast out demons. Probably prayed for many many people and they were healed there is no way someone could fake cancer or tumors or any of it for that matter. Keep praying for people so they can be healed and delivered.

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