Why do they gang up against TB Joshua?

First, we would like to let all our readers know Satan and his children are NOT happy with the way God is operating at the SCOAN, using Prophet TB Joshua and 5 Wise men hence, they continue to fabricate lies upon lies in attempt to damage the ministry of TB Joshua.

People of God, we ought to be aware that Satan is not looking for the people who are already in his kingdom, rather he’s busy hauling those who in God’s kingdom into his kingdom. As it was so it is, just as Judas was used to betray Jesus, certain individuals who failed at SCOAN to become Wise men or otherwise now use online news site to spread spiteful lies against the work of God at the SCOAN.

Why do they gang up against TB Joshua?

Prophet TB Joshua

Nigerians in particular and the world in general must appreciate the fivefold ministerial gift the Lord, God, has reposed in Prophet T.B. Joshua. His accurate prophecies on personal, local and world events are unparalleled in our present dispensation. In fact he moves powerfully in the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom. Recently he re-echoed what he has been saying about Israel and Iran for the past three years. He spoke of the dire consequences a war between them will have on the world. He said other countries would join in if a war broke out between them and this would worsen the already fragile economies of the world. He therefore admonished them to work towards peace, dialogue and understanding. On India he said there is an impending calamity which will involve a bridge breaking down.

On healing, the Lord is using him tremendously to bring relief and healing to his people who otherwise would have died in impoverished Africa. Cancers and diseases of all types are healed by the power of God in the Synagogue. People from all races across the continent throng the Synagogue to see the wonders the Lord is doing in the life of this young and willing vessel to bring relief to his children. Curses are broken and people caged by demons are set free and loosed from their bondage’s.

With this mighty anointing on his life he remains humble and sober crediting everything to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Unlike his compatriots who choose to be surrounded by bodyguards and convoys, he goes a lone trusting in the God of our Lord Jesus Christ for his protection. He is not flamboyant and does not ride in the latest limousines and yet there is always envy in the circles of Pentecostalism to discredit and destroy him. Among those perpetrators of these evil deeds are some of the Prophet’s own followers who out of greed have joined the bandwagon. If you look at Agomoh and Bisola critically and listen to their own testimony of how they got to the Synagogue and their subsequent actions after leaving Synagogue, tells you about their main agenda. Their main agenda was to make money and defraud people using the name of the Prophet. Others like the former pastors of a branch, theirs was to hijack the branch thereby making it their bona fide property. When their attempt failed, they left with their recruited thugs to form a blog to destroy Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Our reders’ be careful of what you read.


2 thoughts on “Why do they gang up against TB Joshua?


    It should not be a surprise for use,even Jesus our Lord and Savior was extremely persecuted.
    The question i would like every body who is reading this mail is:when they were crucifying jesus where were all those blinds,deaf,dumb,crippled,that he had healed? Where were the people he fed.

    More than fifty percent of those who call themselves christians,including pentecostal know god intellectually. The bible is not a movie that somebody watched and said that the movie i watched is
    different from what i am watching now. Nobody has ever taken a plane and entered heaven and God
    told him this is all me. Even great apostle Paul in the bible said we know partially. Let us be humble
    where we cannot go God can take other people there

  2. Christina says:

    Indeed.Where we cannot go, GOD can take other people there.Thanks be to GOD for blessing this generation of Believers with living proof of HIS power

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