Dana Plane Crash; TB Joshua AGAIN warned through Tribune Newspaper

In his church prophet T.B Joshua recounted how he prophesied the plane crash which occurred 2 days ago, 3rd of June in Lagos. He showed the page 47 of Tribune News Paper 24th of February 2012 edition where his prophesy was published.

“I personally asked the editor to publish it so that people will pray against it. Even when that helicopter wanted to crash, I told you here”.

He replayed the video of how he prophesied ADC plane crash mentioning the exact date and purposefully twisted the name in the prophesy by saying ‘am seeing ABC but B missed, this is a parable, a carnal man can’t understand this. They should check their plane. Pray on October 29th.’

He also specified that there are 2 types of prophets. Those who tell you what you want to hear and those who receive direct and specific messages from God.

He is still saying this now in his church and on live broadcast.

‘I am saying this because I received many emails asking me why I didn’t see our plane crash when I saw the death of their president. Calling me a false prophet.’

editors note: There’s only so many ways a prophet would try to warn his people that there’s a looming tragedy, but then this is what happens when the prophet lives amongst people that disregard and treat his words with contempt? Amidst a nation where his words fall on deaf ears and are trampled underfoot?  The consequence is none other than what happened in Lagos Nigeria on the 3rd of June the question remains, how many more of TB Joshua’s prophecies should come to pass before his prophetic words are regarded by his Nation and the world at large? 

sources: Nigerian Tribune   Zimeye

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