TB Joshua Critics Sitting On Time Bomb

It’s been a while we wrote on TB Joshua and his critics. We had to take a trip to Ghana, Lagos, South Africa, Bristol in the UK to investigate the group of rascals whom have now teamed up to form a bloc to damage the reputation of TB Joshua, after they failed to achieve their goal at the SCOAN HQ as well as numerous blogs and junk news sites.

Some of our findings are earth shaking, what they thought they could achieve within a year, how much they wanted money, how they extorted money from the congregation and most importantly why they are doing this.

All these will be featured in parts to ensure you follow the truth every inch of the article we shall be bringing your way soon. Watch Out!


4 thoughts on “TB Joshua Critics Sitting On Time Bomb

  1. @ian Ian as this comment is not posted on your slander campaign, let us post it here, it is easy to know who you are. You love Tintin and you and Giles Hurst are on Dave and Angelique Tonge’s friend list. You even commented on twitter how much your son loves Tintin and you have Tintin on your Avatar logo. You are Ian McNaught, Brit living in Oman, working as Director of elearning for a HE college. It is funny that you and Giles are listed as friends on Dave Tonge’s facebook account. I don’t doubt you are Christians but you are being led astray. TB Joshua is the most vilianized Pastor in the world and if I were him I would also televise what I am doing for people so that people who sow into the church knows where their money is going. If I am wrong I will apologize but why do you people find a need to create a blog about one specific Pastor. Your blog is a personal vendetta linked to Dave and Angelique Tonge against TB Joshua

  2. Portia says:

    This is a personal vendetta against TB Joshua indeed! Bible says touch not my anointed. Why not discuss your calling and leave TB Joshua’s calling alone. Who called you anyway? You dont love him, I love him, should it be a crime? No. God have mercy on every one of us

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