Thumbs Up! TB Joshua supporters

Here in this reflective editorial, we would love to give glowing tribute to laudable commenters who stood in stout defense of the truth on tbjoshuawatch. We carefully followed the thread under their (abominably biased) TB Joshua’s Boston Prophecy post and found some insightful comments. We referred to some of their comments as that of “angels” in a twitter post because of the peace it would bring to weak-willed Christians wrestling with doubt about TBJ due to negative propaganda; while also publishing a collection of them in this post. Quite surprisingly, after we exposed the deceitfulness with which tbjoshuawatch one-sidedly criticized TB Joshua’s Boston prophecy in our last post, they not only updated their article with disjointed viewpoints (in a shameless attempt to salvage their reputation), but also blatantly confessed hostile bitterness and anger toward TB Joshua as the motivation behind their writings in their latest post; even by saying:

We’re not writing to mock a self-proclaimed prophet who’s “prophecies” really don’t stand up to scrutiny. No, we’re writing because we’re angry.

A secret about anger is that it bears witness while on display that it has long consumed the angered. More so, a little measure of anger unjustly directed at another indicates a greater measure we’ve directed at ourselves. These obsessed critics of TB Joshua really need help. Here are the comments of a few sound- minded individuals whom we suppose are first time contributors on the reputed SCOAN critic website after carefully reading their blasphemous article.

I was just wondering if what u r doing here is spiritually correct. I mean u r actually devoting a good portion of ur time to commenting about someone’s life. Is this ur way of carrying ur cross daily? What are u doing with ur life that is building God’s Kingdom? What mighty exploits are u personally doing for God? Any miracles, signs and wonders following u? Can u picture Jesus looking u strait in the eye and saying ‘well done, good and faithful servant’ because u devoted some of ur time to this? ‘A tree shall be known by its fruit’ and issues of life flow from our hearts, wud u say urs is pure. Honestly, r Ur motives for this site pure? This will only make sense if u r not a Christian

By Joan on April 17, 2013 at 10:52 am

Do u have any idea how silly ur review of the Boston prophecy sounds? U sound like a child piecing together any incriminating info about an ex-friend to prove to whoever likes the friend just how bad she is, so they will stop liking her also! Most of ur comments seem so childish and totally subjective! Surely, there has to be more to being a follower of Jesus than policing others to prove their unrighteousness! It’s hard to find any spiritually uplifting value here.

By Joan on April 17, 2013 at 11:28 am

U r not at all coming across as people doing this out of christ-like concern. Instead u comes across as bitter and vengeful. I could quote a few scriptures to build a case against what u r doing, regardless of whether ur stories/comments are true or false. However its possible that u would also respond with a few that confirm ur righteousness. The question is: who are u doing this for? Jesus, other people or yourselves? I won’t speak for Jesus or you, but if its for other people (like me) I’d like to say that ur approach Is so overwhelmingly and singlemindedly negative that I felt like YOU are the ones needing help. If all u say about tb Joshua is true, unfortunately u have somehow seemed to sink lower

By joan on April 17, 2013 at 7:43 pm

You are here busy bring down someone instead of building God ‘s kingdom. Come up with a website where people will be discussing the bible for instance, put up a verse and a topic every week so that people can discuss the topic like bible studying. Then you will be on the right path in building God’s kingdom, because I guarantee you this website won’t make you inherit the kingdom of God instead it will make you go to hell that is if you believe there is a God and he is in control of everything. The more you want to prove that TBJ is fake the more popular he becomes as for me my faith has been lifted by this ministry and am stronger than before in my faith. Just see how many likes you have you are still straggling to even reach 1000 shame! So if you want to go to haven I say it again stop this nonsense do something better for God!

By Carol 2 on April 17, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Mr Terrific am not trying to defend TBJ am defending the work of God. Battered you say oh interesting….when people stop commenting on this site its simply because they have realized that you are a bunch of liars so why waste time on this rubbish?? Actually will do the same but will keep on checking on your progress and see how far this rubbish will take you!! Good luck again if you want to bring TBJ down.The SCOAN where alot of people are finding help you will manage to convince them that he is fake good luck you need it!!! Hopefully by the end of this year you will have 3000 likes at least Pwahahahahaha… so at least you will know you are making progress in convincing people to stopwatching Emmanuel TV or going to the SCOAN. One more thing you will also have alot of people that will came up with stories like former disciples with better and convincing allegations with real names and address, at least 1000 comments from different people who all will say bad things about TBJ. My family visited the SCOAN last year and we were helped by God through the prophet so I have been affected by SCOAN in a good way.

By Carol 2 on April 18, 2013 at 5:40


And here is the response given to Giles, a member of the disgruntled bunch of ex-disciples; whose comment forms the bulk of the cynical critic opinion in their latest post accusing TB Joshua of being responsible for the tragic Boston marathon explosion.

First Giles TBJ’s prophesies are wrong, now you are blaming him for the dead people. You people you are really pieces of work to say the least. Shame!!!

By Carol 2 on April, 19, 2013 at 11:15

And here is a very brilliant comment to round up this post  by a commenter who admits to being in the past, one of the most skeptical of Joshua’s ministry;

Whenever appraisal is given of T.B. Joshua’s prophetic ministry, I think it must be looked at holistically and within the confines of context. If this prophecy was an isolated incident, your cynical and scathing analysis would be more understandable. However, when you consider the fact that this is one of over 100 documented international prophetic accuracies, oftentimes spoken in a parabolic fashion, it paints a different picture to the one your article is propagating.

Consider every other aspect of Joshua’s ministry – the accurate prophetic words to individuals every service day, the deliverance ofthose under demonic bondage, the simple and practical biblical teaching, and the extensive charitable endeavours. All the various components add up to a picture which simply doesn’t match up with the deception and malevolence you are insinuating in your article.

I confess to being one of the most sceptical of Joshua’s ministry in the past, based on the distasteful rumours going around. However, after watching live services on Emmanuel TV fora period of several months, the testimonies and experiences I witnessed were far too real and relevant to be dismissed simply because they are intellectually challenging to assimilate and break traditional convention.

I encourage those still sceptical (including the TBJ Watch team) to take time out to watch any of The SCOAN live services on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday. If editing is a major SCOANploy, as accused in this article, the live services eliminate such opportunism and provide a platform for an unbiased look at the ministry.

By Eric on April 22, 2013 at 2:49 pm

Well done Joan, carol 2, Florence, Martins and Eric, we at watchtbjoshua encourage you to continue in the light of your conviction and not to surrender to the devious smear campaigns projected by the hater of all good towards TB Joshua through his writers and bloggers at Tbjoshuawatch. May the LORD in his boundless mercies help you to become stronger in your conviction about God and his holy servant, TB Joshua, and may the reward of honoring a prophet be credited to you all. Amen.

*all comments are left in their original form left by the commenters.

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    These people who criticize TB joshua are blind. He is a real man of God. They shld hang themselves.
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