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Prophet T.B. Joshua

It does not really matter what the world and its institutions have in opinion about God’s humble servant, Senior Prophet T.B. Joshua. We don’t really care since we are not of this world nor conformed to their ways other than, the things from above. Our senses of truth are not based on their laws and senses of judgment. Because here is the world that finds pleasure in worshiping and adoring sex idols or celebrity porn with fake body parts and ungodly lifestyle, yet delights in castigating men of God that proves the authenticity of God’s power, promote pure virtues, purity and the fear of God.

Despite the campaigns of calumny and the negative impressions that critics are trying to create out there about the life and ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, however, one thing is crystal, he has shown to be outstanding in his ministerial calling.

We would be revealing some of those extraordinary things that took place in the SCOAN which are issues of concern in the world today and has placed the elites in the state of bewilderment or they are still looking for their solutions. However, they are like breathing when they are brought forth to the feet of the Prophet of God.

  1. The Massive Transformative Healings of the Homosexuals: It is no longer news or big deal to SCOAN members and millions of Emmanuel.TV viewers worldwide that homosexuality is an infirmity that can be cured in SCOAN. For now, according to scientific records, there is no solution to homosexuality. It is also worth knowing that the bewildered elites who seem not to have a tangible explanation to the cause of homosexuality are trying to compel the world to accept it as normal even though common sense proves its abnormality. Today, countless homosexuals worldwide that are tired of their ill lifestyle are trooping into the SCOAN to get delivered. And it is on record that only in SCOAN homosexuals are being healed and transformed. We are calling on world leaders to partner with the Ministry of SCOAN to bring to stop for once the issue of Homosexuality. The world leaders cannot continue to pretend that all is well, there is a solution God has placed amongst us, let’s make judicious use of it.
  2. The Countless HIV/AIDs Healings: This is one of the most common illnesses that are consistently healed in the Ministry of Prophet T.B Joshua. Records have long-established that a good number of persons affected with this deadly virus that comes to SCOAN have been healed with confirmed medical records from Professional medical specialist and highly recognised and reputable hospitals after the patients encounter with Prophet T.B. Joshua’s Ministry. We would like World Health Organisation (WHO) to visit SCOAN to debunk these amazing records. It is a known fact that today medically, HIV/AIDs cannot be healed. Although, there are medicines usually recommended by medical doctors to patients affected with this deadly virus to manage the disease. SCOAN always advise patients to continue with their medication until confirmed totally healed by their medical doctors.  It is also worthy to note that divine healings of HIV/AIDs are not limited to the ministry of SCOAN; there are also stories from other bible believing churches were such healings has been alleged to have taken place...READ MORE


  1. Abraham Salami says:

    He own no one explanation of what God has shown to him, if Clinton is the will of God for Americans He will never because of what anyone will say and show him otherwise. It is now the media know that there is a prophet call TB Joshua, but when he was busy sending trailers of rice and money to the needy media was sleeping, when he keep given all the deportee from Libya millions of naira and aids no media mention it. All the prophecies of many years till date no one mention it. When he is delivery the whole world through the power of God media and all the critics didn’t see it. When he gives scholarships to uncountable all over the world, nobody or any media came to say thank you. All that heaven respect prophet TB Joshua for is beyond what an ordinary eyes and canal mind can see or what any man can numbered. Prophet Samuel told the children of Israel who their King was, but out of disobedient they chose Saul of Tarsus to lead them. Jesus Christ said this generation does not deserve any of God’s signs and wonders, but only the type of Jona. If the Americans like let them use his explanations of what the Clinton led govt will suffer in the hands of the law makers, and they decide to throw their weight behind Trump let not fight the Lord’s battle, because no man living or dead ever fight God and succeed. When we don’t stand long enough to observe all the evidences, we will be in a haste to judge outwardly like the people of the world who has been the haters of God’s Wonders. Who will ever believe that the media and all those sycophants who has come out of their hiding with wide opened gutter has been spying the man of God from distance and praying for a time like this. What a test for the world and they failed woefully. But as Joshua in the Bible declear openly, I also says as for me and my house, we will serve the God of prophet TB Joshua, Him shall I serve forever and ever till Christ come. Amen. Emmanuel, Shalom.

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