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It clarifies certain misconceptions about The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN

It tackles biblical untruths being peddled by the latter day apologetics of the faith

It gives an insight to the truth of the anointing water backed by biblical references


We welcome you to a new site founded by lovers and adherents of SCOAN WORLDWIDE. This site aims at clarifying some untruths being peddled by some former disciples and former co-pastors of the London branch. Surprisingly, this group of people are South African whites who were given the privilege to be trained first as disciples, pastors and then on to prophets. They couldn’t persevere and fell out of the ministry only to mount out an unnecessary war on the ministry.

On the ministration of the anointing water on sick people, they condemned it but biblical references abound on the Lord using varying means to bring healing to His children. We are aware of the Lord spitting on the ground and making clay to anoint the eye of a blind person. This brought instant healing to the blind man. We are also not unaware of Paul sending handkerchiefs out his body to minister healing to people far and near (Acts9: 1-19). There are numerous examples in the Bible testifying to this. One cannot limit God, “He uses the foolish things of this world to confound the wise’. Let everyone be a liar and let God be true.

Another issue raised was that of the prophet selling his portraits. What is wrong with this? We’ve witnessed both orthodox and charismatic churches selling calendars with pictures of their priests embossed on it, does it make them mini gods? The reason this is done is to raise funds for the upkeep of the church. Some ministries auction anointing oil and other Christian paraphernalia all with the purpose of making the ministry sustainable and financially sound.

Prophet Joshua is a noted defender of the defenseless who helps the needy with his means and substance. As an acclaimed philanthropist he gives millions of naira to charities across Africa and beyond sending thousands of orphans to school. That doesn’t end there, widows, widowers and the physically disabled persons all benefit from his generosity. Can we say this of the South African apartheid regime? How many black kids benefited from education and free health schemes? Were they allowed to be free in their own country? These guys should give us a break. The period of looking down on anything black is over. And in any case, did the Dutch Reform Church do anything about segregation and the freedom of majority blacks? They rather perpetuated the apartheid regime and approved of it. We know the identities of every single individual involved with this blog to discredit T.B. Joshua. Let me pause and say here, majority of South Africans are good and decent people. The few misfits and infiltrators must be exposed for what they are. I hear some people say it is a sensitive issue which we should endeavour not to delve in to but they miss the point.

Another burning issue is that of the sexual abuse allegation being peddled against the man of God. After some of us questioned the truth in the case of the matter and questioned the integrity of the pastor in question on why she never said this earlier on until her position became untenable. The bloggers against T.B. Joshua came out with half baked authorities or if I should say sexual profilers cataloging on how sexual predators prey on their unsuspecting victims. Then towards the end of their shoddy write up they ended up by saying there was no evidence against T.B. Joshua but the case must still be investigated. I urge them to provide the necessary evidence for prosecution if they have any. As has always been the case they will find excuses by saying Nigeria is corrupt and that the rule of law does not operate there. This is what the writer of the blog said about T.B Joshua, ‘We’re not saying these allegations are definitely true – we’d have no evidence to support that claim.’  It tells you about the people we are dealing with. They are vicious and wicked.

People who can publish on their blog urging Bexleyheath College to check our practices and to throw us out of their premises can go any length in destroying any thing on their path and no wonder we were refused a worshipping place. I am therefore not surprised about the BBC empty report about us and the sky attempt to sneak into our rented church hall. It is all coming from our detractors.

By Stella Dooley

6 thoughts on “About us”

  1. Every day for the thief ,sure a day will come when the thief would be exposed beyond every doubt,T.B JOSHUA whether he and his supporters including you the owner of the blog likes it or not, who ever you are , no matter your relationship, with him , a day is coming when the truth you claim to know would truly emerge,it is a matter of time ,Agomoh ,Prophet Taiye,Bisola,James,Adewusi,Sam Ajenibode of blessed Memory, Ade ,Falarungbon now a pastor in Ghana ,Abiola family and host of others were strong followers of T.B JOSHUA before they have found him out and they all left , the likes of shina , Ogra will all still know the truth , you use the word detractors i laugh again, the abiola daughters , seun,mojoyin,that your pastor TB JOSHUA slept with and destroyed there lives is not forgotten ,he has succesfuly cast his spells on Noah to make him mad there brother fighting the matter at a Lagos High Court,his killer squad will soon be exposed , He has thrown Lola Falarungbon former wife out after having enough sex rounds with her the reason Falarungbon left his so called church .The way and manner he forced His so called disciples to talk against themselves in a recorded videos to be used against them later is not a surprised to be . so many more .TB JOSHUA KNOWS HE HIS A DEVIL MESSENGER sorry you dont know.

    1. Lewis,it looks as if it was satan himself who was talking through you.
      Be careful and comeback to Jesus so that you won’t be DEVIL MESSENGER forever.

  2. T.B.Joshua this, T.B.Joshua that, forgert it! He is a true servant of God, and is doing the works of Jesus Christ to the glory of the Almighty God. SELAELO. South Africa.

  3. I wonder if people who still hold to these expositions about so called Bisola and the rest know that they already came to SCOAN and confess. We see them live confessing that they have lied against the Man of God.


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