“I Did Not Foresee Atta Mills’ Death – T.B. Joshua is A FAKE INTERVIEW, BEWARE!

Emmanuel. We were shocked to discover an article currently circulating around the internet in which a media house claimed to interview Prophet T.B. Joshua concerning the death of our late President of Ghana.

In response to this false interview, this is an official communication from The SCOAN & Prophet T.B. Joshua:

“The interview in LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPER of Thursday 26/7/2012 titled “I Did Not Foresee Atta Mills’ Death – T.B. Joshua” does not represent me, T.B. Joshua, because I was not around and I never spoke with anyone.

“People say all sorts of things against me but God says “Touch not my anointed and do him no harm”. Why should anybody write this -as if you will not die one day?

“Remove this interview! The interview was not from me. Your staff never spoke with me. I was not around. Once again, Leadership Newspaper Editorial Staff should please remove this interview for God’s sake!

“Don’t fight a prophet; don’t fight God!

“Once again, readers, this is the first time I am talking to the public after the demise of our late president.

“I will talk as God instructs me on Sunday Live service on Emmanuel TV.

“Don’t let anyone or organization in any medium deceive you.

“I have not granted any interview and I will not because God has not permitted me until Sunday Service.

“I will not grant any interview until Sunday Live Broadcast.

“Those that may have copied the false story from LEADERSHIP NEWSPAPER should remove it from their sites because this does not represent me. It is not from me.”


In a previous post we made clear to our readers that Satan and his children are NOT happy with the way God is operating at the SCOAN, using Prophet TB Joshua and 5 Wise men hence, they continue to fabricate lies upon lies in attempt to damage the ministry of TB Joshua. Satan is not looking for the people who are already in his kingdom; rather he’s busy hauling those who’re in God’s kingdom into his kingdom. As it was so it is, just as Judas was used to betray Jesus, certain individuals now use online news sites to spread spiteful lies against the work of God at the SCOAN.

One of those who in recent times has spread malicious lies against the ministry of SCOAN is Mr. Eddie Amartey, who is popularly known on a TB Joshua critic Blog as “MR Terrific” he’s unarguably behind some of the most blasphemous remarks about TB Joshua on a reputed critic blog. He made so many bogus claims on that site, ascribing so many events in the ministry including TB Joshua’s Ghana Crusade to his acclaimed immense contributions and now claims to be in a good position to warn others to be wary of SCOAN. But what is the truth of Eddie Amartey’s involvement with SCOAN? Our correspondents visited the SCOAN during the past week to conduct some investigations inclusive of Eddie Amartey’s role in SCOAN and their findings were astonishing on this unmasked imposter, read on the ensuing interview with one of the group co-ordinators and our correspondents.

WTJ: Good day Sir, I’m Mrs. Stella woods and this is Mr. Selwyn Clark. We have been directed to you in respect of Mr. Amartey.
Ans: My name is Mr. Charles How may I help you?

WTJ: We have come from the US in respect of the lot of rumours surrounding the ministry of the SCOAN, and were directed to you for details of Mr. Amartey a one time member whom we understand was a member of Ecowas group you once co-ordinated

Ans: Is it Jane Amartey of which Amartey are you referring to? Because we only know one Amartey and she is female.

WTJ: Wow, We saw in one article in which he claims he was a member and was the one who organised the Ghana crusade in 1997

Ans: Oh That Twat!

WTJ: Excuse me, what did you say?

Ans: I said he is a twat, the most irresponsible person I’ve ever seen, in Fact please go, He will make me insult him.

WTJ: So you know him?

Ans: Yes we know him.

WTJ: So he was a member and the one who made it possible for the Ghana crusade to be held in 1997

Ans: Mrs. Woods and Mr. Man, what do you want from me?


Ans: First the only Amartey we know in the SCOAN HQ is Jane Amartey, she Joined the Church late 1996 and she is the only Amartey I co-ordinated, I remember when she just joined the church, she had a problem which brought her, her womb was always coming out anytime she goes to the loo. I know her as a hair dresser who has a shop somewhere in Yaba (a place in Lagos Nigeria) and God healed her at the SCOAN. I even have her picture here, see (opens a book with her picture pasted against her name) She was the one who brought Mr. Stephen Apomnsem who was mad and walking the streets of Lagos when Jane Amartey met him and brought him to the church where he was healed. So on the issue of Amartey; he’s not the one who organised the Ghana crusade.

WTJ: Can you please tell us then how the Ghana crusade came to be?

Ans: When I first joined it we had four Ghanaian disciples under TB Joshua, these were the people who helped with the crusade in Ghana.

WTJ: So you mean it’s not Amartey who started the Ghana crusade…

Watch this space for Part two of Eddie Amartey’s Deception.

USA Fraud/Crime Site Exposed Bisola Johnson – TB Joshua Ex-Disciple

A shocking expose on how one Bisola Johnson extorts large amounts of money from people, pretending to be acting on the behalf of Pastor TB Joshua…


Source: http://crime.ws/fraud/using-tb-joshuaa-name-for-419-3/

TB Joshua “I’am very, very sorry says Agomoh Paul” Now Exposed

You may have heard or seen one or two things about the ministry of and person of TB Joshua. Some may have been incredibly shocking and unbelievable to the eyes and ears. We live in a world where lies and falsehood reign. Watch this video to find out the truth and let the truth set you free!

Agomoh Paul wanted to be the one to be send to South Africa or London, but he was sent to GHANA he decided to rebel against the SCOAN. He teamed up with Bisola Johnson and Ladi Thompson to produce to their liers on the DVD they sold for $40.00 each


Only heard about TB Joshua, don’t know him yet she highly condemns him!


Editor’s Introduction 1

My desire to expose the so called T.B. Joshua Watch family continues unabated. It has been conveyed to me that the attacks have raised eyebrows in certain quarters, about the mentioning of names with pictures attached to it.

Of course, they are entitled to their opinions. But what they should know is, I have disengaged from the SCOAN London branch just like the TB Joshua watch has done by resigning to fight a cause.

As stated in my previous articles, I am only addressing issues raised by people who sent various emails to members of SCOAN UK about their resignation from SCOAN, UK and matters arising thereof. I am not a spokesperson of SCOAN and I don’t intend to be one. I have only taken on the responsibility of investigating what the TB Joshua watch says and also listening to what others are stating and contrasting them with the emails they sent to all members of UK SCOAN.

All the contents of the TB Joshua watch are recycled from the emails sent by those who resigned from the branch, namely Dave and Angie (co- pastors), Karina and husband, Dr John Harderker, Tracey De Sousa, Leon and wife. Like I rightly said, I have a right to a response and I have chosen word press to do that.

Stella’s Story

We feature Karina and Morne van Niekerk as being part of the ‘Southern African collective’ who has been launching scathing attacks on T.B. Joshua. Some even think by mentioning the word ‘apartheid’ or segregation is too strong a word to describe this ‘collective’.

Yes, karina and the husband, on the 19/3/2010, in their email sent to all members of SCOAN entitled ‘Good Bye’, they launched a blistering attack on prophet T.B. Joshua and all that SCOAN stands for. They acted as conduits and prepared the grounds for what Dave and Angie were to say after their pastoral ship had become untenable and they were about to leave. They showered praises on Angie and Dave who were merely at that time preaching recycled messages from the prophet. They never preached anything new. They said (Karina and Husband): ‘I know a lot of you feel the same way as us and is pondering what to do next.  Now is the time to BE the church.  The church is more than just a name or a person.  It is about being the hands and feet of Christ.  It is about being a family and looking out for each other.  It is and has never been about a building, liturgy or any other tradition, but us – those who love Him.  I want us all to be encouraged to look out for each other.  There was a lot of good over the last few years and we all grew spiritually under Dave and Angie’s leadership.  We need to take that with us!

Finally we need to thank Dave and Angie for their input in our lives.  They are 2 of the most solid people we’ve ever met and we owe a great deal of our understanding of and relationship with God to them.  Their dedication and love for us as a church was absolute and inspirational.  We never doubted that.  They have worked tirelessly to build the church and it is very sad to see it being eroded. We wish them only the best with their future.

Question EVERYTHING – it is Biblical.  Trust what you know about Dave & Angie and the Word of God and make informed decisions’.

In a response, one Stella condemned Karina ‘in no small, uncertain and unequivocal terms’. He gave a brief history of the Dutch Reform Church and the brutalities they perpetrated against blacks in South Africa in their policy of apartheid and segregation. He went on to say that ‘there is nothing these guys can teach black Africa’ in terms of pitching Black pastors against T.B. Joshua.

A lot of white South Africans are decent people and there were good guys who fought against the obnoxious regime and we appreciate and respect that but they don’t have the moral right to tell us what is good and bad. We have nothing to learn from Karina and her ilk.

The South African Collective cannot dictate to us. Did their forebears ever question D.D. Malan or Botha? Did they ever help poor black Africans who were dying from squalor and poverty? At least, T.B. Joshua is doing that and he is teaching people to follow his stead.

In Karina and Niekirk’s attack on T.B Joshua and Benny Hinn, she said: ‘The Bible says that when we do charitable works our left hand should not know what our right hand is doing.  Yet TBJ’s charitable works are broadcast the world over for all to see. It begs the question what is his motives for doing these things?  TBJ made many promises re Haiti.  They will be there permanently and will set up a base where there will be nurses and doctors and they are going to adopt x amount of children.  I challenge each of you reading this email to set a reminder in your phone and ask the ministry what is happening about it in 1 year from now.

TBJ is promoting the ministries of people who have been discredited within Christian circles such as Benny Hinn.  Why do that’?

I challenge them to name South African (white) pastors who are credible men of God. Instead of apologizing for the wrongs of the past they go looking for good people to devour. T.B. has played his part in Haiti and he continues to champion the cause of the down trodden in Africa and other parts of the world, even if he sells his portraits to raise money to help needy we are content with that. Anyway, what did white South Africa do for us?

Let these miscreants in the form of this ‘collective’ know that they were not forced to be part of SCOAN, but came on their own accord and therefore they should leave in peace keeping their thoughts to themselves.

The apartheid mentality is still alive in some people. It is not dead.

T.B. Joshua Watch, Why Complain?

Editor’s note

We have received a comment by Katharsis, obviously a sympathizer of the T.B. Joshua Watch blog in which she admonishes a commenter in the person of Aloysius not to curse his opponents.

This is a bit strange since there is nothing in the comment by Aloysius to suggest curses or cursing. He said God’s healing of an individual is not unconditional and that Angie should be careful about  sin in her life that may bring back her disease and this is merely following the discourse on healing we have been debating all along with the T.B Joshua Watch group.

Katharsis, since when did you realize that the debate was on issues and not on personalities? Are you aware of the attacks on the person of T.B. Joshua by the T.B. Joshua Watch? I urge you to go back and read their articles and get back with an apology. I don’t want to go to the merits and demerits of your comment but if anything you are the one cursing.

On love: Where is the love in the articles of the T.B. Joshua Watch group?  Again, I urge you to read their write ups and prove me wrong. Just check on their comments side and see the unprintable language being spewed by this unenlightened group. Let me give you the benefit of the doubt by saying you have not been following developments on both side of the divide, then I can safely say you are ignorant.

I implore you to be more circumspect when responding to comments and do a thorough research and investigate the issues before responding so that your folly would not play in to it.

If you want a real academic discourse on the bible then T.B. Joshua watch must desist from unsubstantiated allegations and concentrate on the real issues at stake.