TB Joshua, A Man With A Heart Of Gold

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T.B. Joshua

Prophet T.B. Joshua deserves to be celebrated from different perspectives, especially at a time like this when the nation is passing through some kind of recession. He has put smiles on faces and has become one of the greatest friends of the poor and downtrodden within and outside Nigeria. Apart from his healing and deliverance gifts, Prophet Joshua walks tall in different aspects of human endeavours. His life story is a demonstration of God’s ability to use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise.

With mere primary school education, the General Overseer of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN), has established himself as a force to reckon within Nigeria and different countries across the globe. Located at Ikotun-Egbe, Lagos, SCOAN has continued to receive exciting reviews from the international media, attracting different personalities, including heads of state and governments, across the world, who come to seek spiritual succour. But it does not end there. The man of God as he is often called understands the challenges of the world and has maintained a rare reputation for helping individuals, institutions and nations overcome their spiritual, challenges through crusades and humanitarian efforts. Many people within and outside the country have continued to benefit from his ministry’s magnanimity in terms of various monetary gifts, scholarship awards, provision of social amenities, empowerment projects and giving of seed money for business start-up. Through his ministry’s Emmanuel TV Partners, also broadcast in different paid TV channels, millions of lives and destinies have been changed for good across the world.

According to the man of God, ‘true love always searches for whom to help whenever and wherever it is in a position to do so.’ How he has been able to maturely handle the bad press emanating from the collapsed building incident remains very phenomenal. He has maintained a calm and unperturbed disposition –– a quality that can only be divinely bestowed, especially in situations of crisis. Prophet Joshua is among the very few Nigerian pastors you will hardly see around the corridors of power. You will never find him in any government house because he believes a true servant of God should be for all and not frolic around with politicians.

Before the plight of Nigerian deportees from Libya became a matter of national interest, Prophet Joshua has been helping this group of people with food and money running into several millions of Naira.

According to some of the deportees who landed in the country earlier this month, Prophet T.B. Joshua remains the only Nigerian pastor who has been passionately concerned about their plights. Prophet Joshua, they say, has been the only prominent Nigerian who has over the years shown unrivalled concern about their plights.

Even right from the Libyan prisons were most of them spent years, they had always looked forward to meeting the notable man of God, whom they described as the greatest thing to happen in Nigerian Christendom.

From records, Prophet T.B. Joshua has received over one million Nigerian deportees from Libya between 2014 and 2017 and has doled out both money and foodstuff in the region of N200,000,000 (two hundred million Naira).

Reminding the church of its role in an era when poverty and lack have taken over the world, the man of God, during a recent Sunday Service monitored on Emmanuel TV, reiterated the urgent need for true children of God to reach out to the needy in a manner that pleases God, lest their giving amounts to a waste of time. “All you have been giving, if you are not giving in a manner that pleases God, you are wasting your time,” he declared. He also enlightened the world on how giving can bring about contentment – “Don’t forget. Your possessions alone cannot bring you contentment, but giving to the poor can.”




The atmosphere was filled with high expectation as people from all works of lives – visitors from neighbouring country in the Caribbean, citizens from Spain, Brazilian, USA, England, Paraguay, and Haiti, government officials, security personnel and locals trooped to the Felix Sanchez Olympic Stadium in Santo Domingo, to witness the awesome power of God through Prophet T.B Joshua in the day two of the historic crusade in the Dominican Republic.

The audiences were entertained with opera, traditional gospel music and Latin American gospel rhythms. There were hands clapping, feet dancing and smiling faces at the Santo Domingo’s Felix Sanchez stadium, for the glory of God!

There were countless number of testimonies from many that received their healings and deliverance in the day one of the crusades In which, the deaf received their hearing, the lame walked, the demon-possessed received their freedom, the dejected received God’s love, the broken received restoration and countless testimonies filled the atmosphere in the glory of God’s name. And there were also testifiers from those that were delivered in the last August 2017 Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua.

From among those that testify was little Maxi Ayala who had difficulty walking since childhood due to weakness in both legs. From the early age of one, Maxi fell on nearly every walk he attempted. As he grew up, he found himself struggling to cope with the distress of not being able to join his peers in physical activities. As a child, being athletic meant a lot for him but his condition made that dream seem as if he would be chasing a mirage if he wanted to achieve the dream of becoming a sportsman in the future. To avoid seriously injuring himself, doctors had to restrain his legs with metal braces while his parents waited for further medical consultations.

Frustrated by his son’s condition, Maxi’s mother brought her little son to Day 1 of the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in the Dominican Republic. Maxi’s mother cried out to Prophet T.B. Joshua to pray for the healing of her son. After praying for Maxi and having the metal braces removed, Prophet T.B. Joshua told Maxi to walk and run. Maxi wasted no time, he took to his heels and began to accelerate until the evangelists caught up with him. On any slightest release, Maxi took off in full speed, to the glory of God.

Today, little Maxi Ayala and his mother returned to the Felix Sanchez Olympic Stadium to testify to the goodness of the God we serve. As his mother recounts the little boy’s ordeal when he had the problem, Maxi kept running back and forth. Completely healed and freed from the ailment, Maxi said he will throw away the leg braces. His mother advised viewers all over the world to have faith in God and believe that God will take away their sicknesses.

Also, Mr & Mrs Brown, a couple from Trinidad & Tobago, came to Day 2 of the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in the Dominican Republic to give thanks to God and to testify to the miracle-working power of Jesus Christ! For six years the couple had been trying to have a baby. The couple visited various hospitals and Mrs Brown was diagnosed with having fibroids. The doctor informed the couple that they would not be able to conceive unless Mrs Brown underwent surgery to remove the fibroids. Frustrated and desperately seeking a solution, the couple got to know of the miracle-working power of God in the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. They decided to visit Lagos, Nigeria from their faraway nation, Trinidad and Tobago, to receive prayers and a touch from God. The couple reiterated that for six years they had been trying to conceive and after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, a mere three months later Mrs Brown conceived.

Delightedly, the couple showed their bouncing baby girl for all to see the glory of God in their family. The couple gleefully says God did for them what was impossible for others. The couple advised everyone to put their faith in Christ because nothing is impossible for Him.

Afterward, Antonio Galeano, a former homosexual testified to the goodness of God. Born a male, Antonio Galeano had the desire to be a female. At the age of 6 years, Galeano started to have affection for males. It was at this young age that he started wearing his sister’s female clothes. At the age of 11 years that was when he had his first homosexual experience with another man. As he grew up, the spirit of homosexuality continued in his life, to the point where he started to do prostitution. As a young man, he started to take drugs and would sleep with multiple men as a prostitute.

Galeano says every time he looked at himself in the mirror he felt like a woman. He says his sister is a Christian and would always try to invite him to church. He would always aggressively decline the invitation to go to church because he says he had no desire for church or God. He would always tell her he would not go to church until he felt a desire to go to church. Galeano’s sister told him about the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua that was to take place in their country, Paraguay. In response to his sister’s invite to attend the miracle crusade, he mocked his sister and her attempt at inviting him to a ‘miracle crusade’.

Galeano says the evening the crusade was scheduled in his country, he was supposed to go out and prostitute that night. Instead of going to prostitute, he watched the crusade live via YouTube. He watched the live broadcast to simply mock the event. When he watched the crusade, it was the time of mass prayer. Confused at what he was watching and what was happening, Galeano says he felt strange sensations going through his body and he began to vomit right in his apartment. He was undergoing deliverance. After vomiting, he says he felt relieved – he was delivered. After that encounter with God in his apartment on that fateful evening, during the mass prayer, Galeano says understanding returned to him and he wanted to become a man again.

Now, three months later and in the Dominican Republic, Galeano says he is delivered and he can confirm that indeed he is a man again. He says he is happy and fulfilled to be a man. Galeano’s sister echoed Antonio’s testimony, she says growing up she remembers her brother, Antonio, always wearing her clothes and dressing like a female. Galeano’s sister told the congregation that she knew her brother would not attend the miracle crusade in Paraguay that day, so she brought his photograph with her to the stadium during the crusade in Paraguay with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Three months later, she confirms his deliverance and says he is now a man and no longer dresses like a woman.

After Galeano’s deliverance, he says he was ashamed because he did not have any male clothes. His sister contacted the Emmanuel TV team to share his testimony. When the Emmanuel TV team was contacted, the team purchased an entire male wardrobe for him. Now, he says he is a believer – he believes in Jesus Christ, he is free and is content.

Finally Galeano shared his advice with the people of God saying: “Open your hearts for Jesus Christ. Believe in God that you will receive your miracle”.

Following the amazing testimonies, Kimmy Skota, the opera singer and American international Gospel starts – VaShawn Mitchell, JJ Hairston with others lead the congregation in a powerful praise and worship.

After Prophet T.B Joshua came to the crusade ground, he went to the podium to share the word of God with the excited crowd. Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged listeners on the importance of giving. He said, “Everyone has something to give. There is always someone in need of you – no matter how little you have, someone is always there in need of you. If you say you are poor, you may be surprised to see someone poorer than you are. In life, there are always greater and lesser people than we are. It is not what you give that is important but the manner in which you give it. The way and manner you give attract Jesus’ attention. Christ is constantly putting us to the test in the small things”.”Your help to the poor, refugees, widows and less privileged – see it as an assignment from God”.

Furthermore, the man of God said that “A break in prayer means a break in faith. A break in faith means a break with God”. “If you know how much you need God in the little things, you will know how much you need Him in the big things. If you know how much you need God to look, you will know how much you need Him in affliction”.

After the inspiring message, Prophet T.B. Joshua went to the prayer line section to pray for the sick and oppressed in the name of Jesus Christ.

As the man of God Prophet T.B. Joshua began to pray for people in the Prayer Line, the various faces of sickness were exhibited by the pains expressed by the afflicted. A woman cried to the man of God about her disc hernia and cervical spondylosis. She received a touch from the man of God and the Prophet ordered the removal of the lumbar corset and what followed next was a rewritten of the woman’s history. She became a new person as she walked and exercised her body freely to the glory of God.

In another scenario, a young woman in arm sling was prayed for and instantly she got her left arm out of the sling to exercise it with ease. Having received her healing, the entire stadium shouted “Cristo Vive” to the glory of God. A man, who cried out for help over his epilepsy, detached himself from his crutches and walked away without expressing any pains. To God be the glory!

Severely suffering from a cervical hernia, two individuals with the same health situation spent the day at the mercy of a cervical traction device. From the human perspective, treatment may seem to be a far distance away or impossible, to say the least. But when the power in the healing hand of God touched the sick through Prophet TB Joshua, the sickness in the pair bowed and they freed themselves from the traction device, breaking away and never looking back at the cervical traction device. The list goes on and on as the anointing at the Crusade was in abundance.

After the massive healing and deliverance that took place in the prayer line section, Prophet T.B. Joshua led the congregation and viewers all over the world in a mass prayer. As the mass prayer was ongoing, mighty signs and wonders took place. There were immense manifestations of evil spirits by the demonic possessed. Some get up from their wheelchair and received their healings by faith in Jesus name.

At the close of the day two historic crusade, Prophet T.B Joshua was presented an award by the evangelical body of the Dominican Republic. The Prophet was honoured by the various faith leaders in the Republic for his work as a minister of God. When acknowledging this honour, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “I receive this honour on behalf of the Body of Christ and for the unity of the Body of Christ”.

*Photo: Courtesy of T.B. Joshua Ministries Facebook Page



The Felix Sanchez Stadium in Santo Domingo was filled to capacity as countless numbers of people from all walks of life – government officials, religious leaders, diplomat, politicians with visitors from other parts of the world and neighbouring country in the Caribbean trooped to the Olympic stadium to witness the mighty move of God at the Day 1 historic crusade in the Dominican Republic with Prophet T.B. Joshua.

There were a number of amazing testimonies from many that received their healings and deliverance in the last August 2017 Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua. Among those that testify was Mrs Elida Beatriz Britez who was bedridden and on a stretcher because she had the problem of a hernia and a severe spinal cord injury. At the time of coming to the crusade in Paraguay, she was too weak and was unable to walk, let alone sit up. She says when she was laying on the stretcher at the prayer line at the Crusade in Paraguay Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and she felt the “supernatural power of God”. To her amazement, after Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, she gained strength and was able to stand up! She was healed! She is healed! Three months later, she walks majestically across the stage for the glory of God!

Also, Mr Mario Aníbal Giménez Ruiz born a male attended the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Paraguay as a ‘female’. At the age of 12 years, Ruiz felt the internal desire to be a woman. As a result, at the age of 14 years, Ruiz went for surgery and implanted breasts and began living life as a woman. He wore female clothes, applied female make-up including lipsticks, and went to the extent of dating men and eventually got married to a man because he only had affection for men. He continued to behave like a female and at the age of 19 years, he began taking female hormones in order to complete the process of becoming a woman. He spent so much money trying to become a woman; he says he now feels like the amount of money spent was wasted because that money could have been used to help the poor and needy. Living life as a woman, Ruiz was accomplished in life, he had financial means and a well-paying job, yet he was not satisfied.

A few years later, his mother died and he fell into depression. After the death of his mother, his life hit rock bottom and it was at this time that he was advised by some family friends to attend the crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua in Paraguay to find solace and comfort. He says as soon as he stepped foot into the stadium in Paraguay, he felt peace. Despite losing his mother, he “felt familial connection” with those at the crusade that day in Paraguay.

During the prayer line section of the crusade in Paraguay, Prophet T.B. Joshua moved forward to pray for him. At first, he says he did not want to be prayed for. Looking back he says, he knows it was the evil spirit that was in him trying to resist his deliverance. When Prophet T.B. Joshua eventually prayed for him, he says he felt the power of God and he knew that he had received his deliverance. After his deliverance, when he got to his house he felt uncomfortable with his long hair, breasts and female clothing which he had. Immediately, he cut his hair and requested financial assistance from the Emmanuel TV to surgically remove the breast implants. Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV paid for his surgery to remove the breast implants and also purchased an entire wardrobe of male clothes for him. He says the total amount of financial assistance rendered to him by Prophet T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV totalled over US$3,000. Now delivered, Ruiz says he is 30 years old and is happy to be the man that God has created him to be and would like to one day have a child and a family of his own. In conclusion to his testimony, Ruiz advised everyone not to wait if they feel they need deliverance because there is a solution in Jesus Christ for all manner of challenges. He also advised those facing similar challenges he once faced to learn from his life story.

Afterward, Mrs Teresita de Jesus Romero came to the stage to testify on how she received her healing from her inability to walk a few months ago. This problem caused financial and emotional strain on her and her family as she was unable to do anything. She says she needed the support of family members to do everything including doing house chores. Despite her visits to various hospitals, she received no solution; instead, medical practitioners were unable to diagnose her ailment.

Frustrated by her condition, she found out about the crusade in Paraguay with Prophet T.B. Joshua some months later. She was relieved after finding out that Prophet T.B. Joshua would hold a crusade in her country, Paraguay because she says she knew she would receive her healing. When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her, she said she felt a warm sensation go through her body and immediately she began to feel signs of her healing.

That evening, after the prayer, she was able to walk freely without any pain. Today, now in the Dominican Republic after travelling from Paraguay alone without anyone’s assistance, she walks freely in liberty across the stage! She advised everyone to trust in God and to have faith in God!

After the amazing testimonies, the opera singer, Kimmy Skota and American international Gospel starts – VaShawn Mitchell, JJ Hairston with others lead the congregation in a special presentation of praise and worship, glorifying God for being the great God He is.

As the songs of praise and worship were ongoing, Prophet T.B. Joshua entered the crusade ground. The worshippers were in high spirit seeing the Prophet in their midst. The Prophet went to the podium and gave a spirit-filled message title: “Seek First The Kingdom”. Prophet T.B. Joshua gave the encouraging words from Romans 5:2 – End. He said to the congregations that “‘Seek first the Kingdom’ means to be born again. That is, being taken out of satan kingdom – the kingdom of darkness – and into the Kingdom of Jesus, the Kingdom of light”.

He went further to say that “The beauty of life does not only depend on our happiness but on the happiness of others. What have you done to make others happy?” “Possessions and money alone cannot bring about contentment, giving help to others can” “Help to the needy, poor and refugees should be viewed as a priority over building new mansions or buying a new expensive jeep”.

He also said that “We are spiritual beings. The real thing about us is not our bodies. Jesus said, ‘If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed'”. “If you sow of the flesh, you shall reap of the flesh. If you sow of the spirit, you shall reap eternal life”. “Prosperity is now seen as a reward; whereas God is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”.

After the message Prophet T.B. Joshua went straight to the prayer line to pray for the sick and deliverance the oppressed in the name of Jesus Christ.

Those in the Prayer line came from afar with various degrees of ailments – wheelchair-bound due to prolonged cancer, strapped in lumbar corsets due to lumbar spondylosis, restrained in neck collars due to stiff neck problems, difficulty in walking due to severe knee and ankle problems. As the man of God approaches, they wail: I cannot walk, I want to walk again; I have cancer, I want to be healed; I am paralysed, man of God helps me!

When Prophet TB Joshua began to pray for the sick in the name of Jesus, the Resurrection Power moved through the sick and every dead thing in them became resurrected. They removed their lumbar corsets, neck collars, knee and foot braces and began to walk to the glory of God. A woman from the USA who was unable to walk was able to walk after Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her. A man with crutches knew it was time to remove himself from the crutches he had used over time. When the spirit of God heard his cry and the man of God touched him, the man walked freely without the crutches to the glory of God. A woman with cervical pain, using both a wrist brace and a neck collar was also free and testifying to God’s healing power through the Prophet.

“Thank you, Jesus, I am free!” an elderly man testifies as he walks away from the wheelchair that he has been using for the past 3 years. A touch from God’s anointed one has made the man whole again; he has been completely healed of difficulty in walking.

A woman who was weak, bedridden and unable to sit up nor walk. Laying on her mattress, the weak and immobile woman cried out to the man of God in desperation! She cried out and immediately Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her and she gained strength in her once frail bones and the once weak woman was strong enough to sit up and began to walk in liberty for the glory of God!

T.B. Joshua also prays for those who have been attacked by the devil, freeing them in the name of Jesus from the captivity of darkness and the chains that have kept them in bondage for years. The sick were no longer in pains; they were moving freely and thanking God in the highest.

After the massive healing and deliverance experienced in the prayer line, Prophet T.B. Joshua leads the congregation and viewers all over the world in a mass prayer. As the mass prayer was ongoing, there were manifestations of evil spirit and some also received their healings by faith.

At the high time of the events, Prophet T.B. Joshua was honoured with two awards – the ‘Cámara de Diputados de la República Dominicana’ by the Congressmen and Senators of the nation of the Dominican Republic. He was acknowledged for his contribution to humanitarian causes all over the world! When receiving these two awards, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “God is the Rewarder!”

Modern Christianity in the Face of Homosexuality and Transgender

God loves Homosexual (persons) but hate Homosexuality (Sin)

The contemporary world that is believed to be civilized seems to want to do away with the naturally acceptable norms because of the so-called ‘freedom of life and expressions’ in man-made laws that are contrary to the standard of God principles. Humankind does not need man-made laws to be free and whole because true freedom naturally comes from God. Laws made by God fearing nations are supposed to protect God’s natural standard of living and not to alter it. This is why it is always advisable when a truly Christian nation wants to make new laws, they should use the Bible as a standard to check the laws and if the new law goes contrary to the standard of the scripture such law cannot stand. Because the natural principle of God laws cannot give way to man’s made laws. Laws made by men can only stand the test of time when it conforms to the ultimate law of God.

The world needs to know that the life we are living is not ours, God created us for His glory and not for us to defile our God given nature by indulging in acts that are contrary to His original pattern of creation. It seems most of us are trying to reshape and rebuild the world to suit our own demonic view point. The way the world establishment is promoting and forcing the homosexual and transgender issue “down our throats” calls for concern to any right thinker.

Sexuality, as created by God, was supposed to be between the male and the female genders and not of the same gender. There is nothing normal about a man having affection for his fellow man and a woman having affection for her fellow woman. It is not right and anybody that is making it seems right, needs a self-examination, including if that person is a so called ‘pastors or a bishop’. No true Child of God will endorse homosexuality as normal. As Christians, our duty is to educate the world on God’s standard and help transform the gays and lesbians to the natural way God originally created them.

It is so wrong for any church to publicly endorse and encourage these acts. I heard in some country, weddings of the same sex are conducted in holy premises and the supposed weddings are said to be officiated by a priest. This is so absurd. You should not because you want to gain favour from the world compromise your integrity. An honourable man cannot soil his integrity for anything. He will prefer to die for what he believes than to live for what he doesn’t believe in. Most of us are afraid to speak and stand for the truth because of fear: the fear of death, prison dungeon, persecution and rejection.

The world establishment will always be against the Church. Remember we are a representative of an opposite Kingdom, the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of darkness will always wage war against us. Christ Jesus planted the Church in the world as a Light. We don’t compromise with darkness – we fix the errors in the world and correct the mistakes. Homosexuality and transgenderism are an act of error that needs to be fixed by the Church and not for the church to accept it as normal. Some we say, “What about accepting and accommodating other people views”. The Church doesn’t accommodate or accept what is against God’s standard. We are like a solid rock in the ocean. When the tides and water current hit and bypass us, we ought to still stand strong without losing our position. The Church doesn’t float with the world. We stand as a rock to position the world to accept the principles of God…READ MORE


The Paraguay Crusade with TB Joshua Day-2

Like the day one of the crusades, the atmosphere was filled with high expectation as people from all works of lives: visitors from neighbouring country, government officials, security personnel and citizens of Paraguay trooped to the Estadio Defensores Del Chaco in the capital, Asuncion, to experience the mighty moves of God through Prophet T.B Joshua in the day two of the historic crusade. Even the bad wealthier could not discourage the people that came to witness the tough of God.

There were countless of testimonies from many that received their healings and deliverance in the day one of the crusades. In which, the deaf received their hearing, the lame walked, the demon-possessed received their freedom, the dejected received God’s love, the broken received restoration and countless testimonies filled the atmosphere in the glory of God’s name.

Among those that were opportune to testify was a 13 year old Adriana Gimenez, whose life was rapidly becoming more agonising as she was afflicted with scoliosis of the spine that was getting worse by the day. The doctors had told her that a cure was medically impossible, restricting her to using a very cumbersome body brace which she used 24 hours a day. Whether she used the body brace or not, Adriana was in constant pain. She couldn’t even turn her neck without feeling pain pulsating down her spine. Adriana was not able to sleep peacefully; constantly disturbed by the body brace she had to wear, even at night. In a state of desperate faith, Adriana came to the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua and received her healing in Jesus’ name. Now, she is liberated from pain, disease and agony. Her advice was simple: Trust in Jesus Christ with all your heart and He will set you free.

Another testifier was Susana Gonzales from Argentina who had a lot of back pain due to an accident which caused a severe cervical problem which had been getting worse every year for the duration of twenty years. It reached a point where she couldn’t walk without assistance. She received a lot of treatment but none was able to relieve the intense pain and discomfort she went through on a daily basis. The doctors gave her a lumbar corset and body brace but they were only able to bring a temporary relief.

When Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her at the Prayer Line of the Paraguay Crusade, Day 1, she felt excited and her faith rose. She believed in her heart that Jesus Christ would heal her through him. When he touched her, the evil spirit behind her sickness manifested and immediately, she felt light and strong. She stood up and walked unaided for the first time in many years. Something spoke to her hear that “You are healed”. She can now climb stairs and walk freely without pain or discomfort. She happily threw away her lumbar corset and body brace, she no longer needs them!

Afterward, Miriam Vasquez who had a terrible accident which broke many tendons in her body that renders her unable to walk at all came to testify. She said she had to use a wheelchair to move around because she couldn’t do her daily chores or go to work or even go to the toilet without assistance. By faith, Miriam came to the Paraguay Crusade with Prophet T.B. Joshua and was at the Prayer Line. Immediately she felt peace in her heart when Prophet T.B. Joshua touched her. She received inner strength and stood up and began to walk by herself. She joyfully demonstrated with that she can now walk freely! She advised all to trust in God because He is not a liar. Everything is possible for the one who believes.

When Prophet T.B Joshua came to the podium, he gave a message titled: The integrity of the bible part 2, which is a continuation of the day one message. After the messages, the man of God went straight to the prayer line to minister healings and deliverance to the sick and afflicted. As the man of God was ministering under the power and influence of the Holy Ghost, Cancer, pain, arthritis and broken bones were no match for the powerful name of Jesus Christ.  It was a miracle galore as afflictions were being taken away. Many in wheel chaired and those using crutches were moving freely. While many others using lumbar corset and body brace were seen removing the brace as they joyously give thanks to God after a touched from Prophet T.B Joshua.

At the close of the 2-day program, Prophet T.B Joshua was again presented with another medal of honour by government officials. Before the Prophet left the stadium, he told the peoples that it will soon rain because the rain was supposed to fall but the rain, which is a servant of God, has been waiting for the crusade to come to a close. Truly as the Prophet was about leaving, there was a heavy downpour of rain.

*Photo: Courtesy of T.B. Joshua Ministries Facebook Page


A World Free of Homosexuality: The Way Out

deliverance homosexual tb Joshua

Delivered from Gay

Homosexuality and other sexual dysfunctions have remained one of the most divisive debates in the 21st century. This is one of the issues that have divided both the academic scholars and world leaders on the acceptability of this strange sexual orientation.  Even scientists are not left out in this confusion, as there are different scientific explanations of both those in support and against the act.

Some nations, who prior to this time were against homosexuality, are now enacting laws to protect these set of minorities from victimisation and discrimination thereby, compelling other sovereign nations of the world to accept it as a norm even though common sense proves its abnormal. Likewise, we have nations that abhor this lifestyle and in such nations, people who indulge in this strange practice are sentenced to death and long prison terms. Some even take these persons to secret cells where they are tortured by electrocution and carry out some scientific experiment on them hoping it will set them free from the abnormal lifestyle. But this act of torturing and other ill-practices have been proven to be inefficient. In many cases, this practice has worsened the health of these victims of homosexuality whereby some sustain critical internal injuries and in worst cases, others lose their lives.

However, we thank God for the Ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the SCOAN; in the midst of this odd practices and the confusion that have been generated among the elite, homosexuals are massively delivered today in the SCOAN through the power in the name Jesus Christ. At present, thousands of homosexuals from all over the world that are being persecuted, discriminated and rejected because of their sexual orientation are being received by the SCOAN for total deliverance.

tb joshua scoan

Countless Homosexuals are Healed Daily in the SCOAN

Despite this great uncommon phenomenon of healing and deliverance of Homosexuals that takes place in the SCOAN, it is disturbing that the world and its established institution seem unconcerned about these great works of total transformation God is doing in the lives of thousands of homosexuals through the ministry of Prophet T.B. Joshua. At the same time, some are trying to create a negative impression that this transformative healing of the Homosexuals are stage managed even though it is a common knowledge that these healings genuinely take place there, considering the track record of the Prophet.

Therefore, to the newly elected president of USA, Donald Trump and other world leaders that have the foresight of the negative effects these strange practices would have on the future generation, we put forth this suggestion; partner with the Ministry of T.B. Joshua in order to put an end to this unholy lifestyle called homosexuality. It would be of great help to the world if its leaders collaborate with the Prophet so as to put an end to this gay marriage upsurge

God loves sinners but hates sin (Homosexuality) and He is ever willing to set them free. The issue of homosexuality is spiritual. This is why there is confusion among scientist and other academic scholars, for the things of the spirit cannot be discerned by mere human knowledge, it takes spiritual understanding to discern the rationale behind homosexuality.

The world and its established institutions need to humble themselves and look up to God. This is not about Prophet T.B. Joshua but securing the future and sustaining the value of creation; one man to one woman. We have to put a stop to this act in order to avert the wrath of God upon our generations. We should always know that life is a place full of mysteries and uncertainties, where the next phase can’t be determined or known. Our purpose is to make the world a better place and help our brothers and sisters in bondage to embrace the freedom in the power of the name, Jesus Christ.

Watch a gay deliverance video  bellow: