TB Joshua Watch British Doctor Lied To Us?

As promised, we send the pictures of our detractors online for you to see who they really are. These are the guys who sent various emails to us of the London branch of SCOAN announcing their resignation from the church and giving reasons for doing so. Some made very serious unsubstantiated allegations against the man of God only to write on their blog they didn’t have ‘evidence to support their case’.

Some of these persons are XXXXXXXX who write under different pen names and complain ‘their loved ones are still holed up in SCOAN’, Karina and Morne van Niekerk, Dr John Hardeker, Tracey De Souza, Leon and wife. There are many more names but since they have not written to us personally, we are not going comment about them. These include Giles.

For those of us who did not respond to their nauseating articles and their attempts to woo us to their fold, this is the time for us to respond to them, by exposing their identities and their evil machinations. Dr John Harderker, a medical practitioner, who is supposed to be intelligent enough and who supervised most of the healings that took place in the London branch by explaining or diagnosing their sickness before and after healing to the congregation, claimed the SCOAN was a cult and lifted whole articles from the net to support his case.

John Hardaker, an English doctor

John had been a member of SCOAN for over seven years and acted on several occasions as the person with the expertise who took the medical history of the patients who were to be arraigned before the prayer line. After healing, he explains to the congregation the severity or otherwise of the patient who had been healed. Those healed are then told to see their doctors for confirmation of their healing. Those who get the confirmation get back to testify to their healing. It was this same doctor that stood behind the pulpit to confirm the healing

Above is Oniel with a bouncing child. Fibroid gone and now able to bear children.

and to explain to the congregation the intricate nature of the illness and how it was only God who could bring about the healing. What has now changed? Is he saying the healings are not true? Is it all hallucination? If, it is, then it makes him a liar, a fraud and someone who could not to be trusted to tell the truth. How sad could he collude to tell us people have been healed while it was obviously not so. Why should he throw dust in our eyes by now turning around later on to say he didn’t have the full medical history of the people in question. Has he now become a latter day ‘apologetic’?

Now, we at Watching TB Joshua believe God still heals today and that the bible is not a historical document but a present day reality. Oniel who comes from Cardiff came to SCOAN with an acute fibroid which was giving her much problems, she was arraigned before the prayer line and was prayed for by ex-pastors Angie and Dave using the anointing water as a point of contact. She went back to the doctors and was told there was no trace of fibroid in her womb. She brought with her medical proofs showing the fibroid before and after healing. Dr Hardeker was stunned and after going through her medical history

remarked that this could only be done by God. Why is he now having doubts? What changed his mind after Haiti?

6 thoughts on “TB Joshua Watch British Doctor Lied To Us?”

  1. People of God, we ought to be aware that satan is not looking for the people who are already in his camp, rather he’s busy hauling those who in God’s camp but living presumptuous lives, lives of earthly reward, lives of pride etc. This doctor in question is been captures by satan’s devices so he needs our prayers. The Tonge family has been so useful instruments in the hand of God that satan is not happy about. This senior couple (Tonge) and other family members have gone places on evangelism under the instructions of the man of God Prophet TB Joshua, and we watch them on EmmanuelTV always, so the Pastor and wife Tonge in question need our prayers for God’s restoration. They should understand that Luke 17:1-2 will surely come pass but should be careful. God bless His Prophet TB Joshua, a mentor, a teacher, a father, a coach and a great engineer and re-constructor of wretched lives. Prophet I love you the heart for the Grace of God upon your life and how careful you are to handle these oppositions.

  2. I cant believe this is coming from Davie and Angie whom i trusted were trusted by tb joshua and God to work in the lord’s vineyard.strange things happen and i hope the whole world will know who the liar is.i have personally devoted my time watching emmanuel tv and the said detractors and i don’t understand the forces that drove them,now they know the truth?May God deliver them

  3. The question i constantly ask myself is who can be trusted.If pipo surrounding us can be such tracherous,who can be trusted?may be this is the lord’s doing,may be not.Okay jesus was betrayed by his own disciple but not anymore.Satan and his tricks.Emmanuel tv keep the holly ghost fire burning.

  4. Every good work has opposition and the devil knows that the best ditractors ought to come, not from outside the church but from within. God bless Prophet TB Joshua.

  5. Man of God Jesus said on the cross Father for give them because they dont know what they are doing.Thats a gift from our Heavenly father to be given a prophet TB Josua believe or not he is the man of GOD.from Clementine

  6. True teaching will always have test and challenged , that is how I know undoubting that God of SCOAN is a living God through people like this British doctor.

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