Former Administrator of The Ghana Pentecostal Council John Nana Antoh Speaks on TB Joshua

Culled from 2nd edition of Faith Cometh, Former administrator of the Ghana Pentecostal council, John Nana Antoh testifies of the mighty works the lord is using TB Joshua to do in our present dispensation.

Senior Pastor, Bible School founder and a former administrator of the Ghana Pentecostal Council, Rev. John Nana Antoh, shares with Faith Cometh how his spiritual life took a dramatic turn as a direct result of his encounter with someone who didn’t just preach the Bible, but made it work.

FC: Can you introduce yourself to us?

Rev. Antoh: My name is Reverend John Nana Antoh, am a professor of theology and director of a school called the Religious Academy in Ghana. I am also the senior pastor of a church called Berea Christian Center.

FC: When did you first come to know about the SCOAN?

Rev. Antoh: In 1997, I was the administrator of the Ghana Pentecostal Council. At that time, the man of God wanted to come to Ghana for a crusade and the Ghana Pentecostal Council were asked to host him. As of then, nobody knew him in Ghana. I had been a pastor for several years but I never heard the name T.B. Joshua. When he said he wanted to come to Ghana some Nigerian churches sent their pastors to Ghana to ask our council not to accept him because they said he was an occultist. So, at the beginning, we were very lackadaisical in accepting him.

Former Administrator of The Ghana Pentecostal Council John Nana Antoh

Also a few Nigerian ministers had come to swindle the council before; so we had a very negative impression about Nigerian ministers. Now his own countrymen were coming to tell us: “Don’t accept that man; he is an occultist”. The man of God sent another group to us, saying that he was ready to pay for four pastors from the council to come to the SCOAN, stay for any number of days to see for themselves. So, some senior pastors were chosen and stayed there for five days. When they came back to Ghana, they said: “Listen, this is from God; let us accept the man!” Some of us were arguing: “How can you use only four days to examine the man?” The council came together and had a vote and those who voted for the man of God to come to Ghana won. So, the man of God came to Ghana.

At that time, I served as an interpreter. I didn’t normally serve as an interpreter, but I was so curious, I wanted to get near to the man, as close as possible, so I could examine him. So I offered to be the interpreter. On the first night of the crusade, it was so wonderful! Of the number of Nigerian ministers I have known, they were very boisterous, rough and tough, but here was a man who was so gentle like a lamb. He came so gently, preached a very simple message and then said it was time for healing. He got down from the platform. I was even telling him, “if you go down from the platform the people are going to trample on you! Why don’t you stay on the platform to minister?’’ But he said, “No let’s go down,” I had never seen healing like that! Other ministers stand on top of the platform and pray, and if you get your healing by faith, you get it. But this one, he would go to the blind person direct.

Thousands came for healing and they wrote on the placards the kind of sicknesses they had. The first one he went to was an ex-service man, Brigadier Alijah Freeman – I remember very vividly; he had been blind for 12 years. I was watching very closely because I had ulterior motives; I wanted to be sure that he was not going to use any magic. He just took the placard and rubbed it on the guy’s face. The old man started shouting, “I can see like a baby! I can see like a baby!” The second person he went to was a cripple, just his leg. He said to him: “Come on – stand up!” and then the cripple jumped! I was so shocked; is it magic or is it a dream? He went to a third person. This was a woman who was brought from London. She was having a problem with her kidney and was paralysed. They had declared her hopeless, so they had sent her to come and die in Ghana. They didn’t even bring her out of the car; they had to drive her into the field. So I was following the man of God, and he just opened the door of the car; prayed for the woman and said, “Come out!”And the woman jumped out! I was so shocked!

What really surprised me was the healing of the very well known man in Ghana called ‘Big Boss’. He has a very famous restaurant called ‘Big Boss’. The man is a giant, about 6ft tall and very broad. At that time, ‘Big Boss’ had a serious problem with his kidney; he couldn’t even urinate. Hearing that the man of God was coming, his relatives brought him from the hospital, where he was awaiting an operation. On the field Prophet T.B. Joshua went to where he was, took his placard and prayed a short prayer: I then saw something I had never seen before – there were so many people in the stadium, but this man didn’t even feel shy. He removed the whole of his manhood and started urinating. He urinated for about 30 minutes! When he finished, he breathed and sad “Now, l am healed” So, l said “Big Boss how do you know you are healed? It’s not like cripple you can see walking: your sickness is internal. How do you know you are healed?” He said: “my brother, l tell you am healed! The way l was feeling before coming here. I don’t feel it. I couldn’t urinate for several weeks, but now l can urinate”. I told him: Go to the hospital to do a check up and see if you are really healed” He went and to the hospital and the doctor was shocked! He was totally healed. The following day ‘Big Boss’ came to the crusade field to give his testimony!

What actually surprised and made me to love TB Joshua was that Christ was the centre of everything he did. He would do all these wonderful miracles but after that he will say “l am not the healer. I only know the healer His name is Jesus Christ!” I said to myself, “My God if this man is not of God, who can he be? He is doing miracles and not taking the glory but giving it to Jesus’. The following day, after seeing the miracles, l went home and wept because l felt l had been too proud – so proud to criticize a man of God l have never seen before. That night, l wept bitterly. The following day l went to him – he knew what l was doing but he had a lot of patience with me. I greeted him and then had a short conversation with him. After that he shook my hands and told me “From today, we are friends!” Since then l have been calling him a friend that is closer than a brother. That has been our relationship since 1997.

FC: Do you have a personal testimony to share to strengthen our reader’s faith?

Rev: Antoh: During those days, l was very strong man, doing a lot of work as administrator of the Ghana Pentecostal Council. But one fateful morning in 2004, at around 2am, I wanted to go and urinate. As l was walking there, l suddenly collapsed; l didn’t know what happened. When l came around, l discovered that l had been attacked with stroke. It was a very terrible thing – my entire right side was paralysed. The moment l woke up, before even going to the hospital; l was rushed to the SCOAN because everybody knows l know TB Joshua. It was really a matter of death when l was brought here. The man of God ‘went to heaven for me’. I stayed here for 10 days. The man of God prayed for me and took care me and within 10 days l could begin to walk. He said: “Now if you don’t go home, your wife may think something bad has happened to you. So for the sake of your wife, go home nothing will happen to me”. I was afraid but he encouraged me. When l went home, l said: “I wanted to know exactly what happened to me” So l went to the hospital for a check-up and they did a CT scan. When the specialist looked at me, he was amazed. He said: “How can you be alive?” The whole of your brain is full of blood. The man thought l could not hear him, so he was speaking with the Pastor who brought me: How can he be alive? It is only a miracle that can keep this Pastor alive”. They took me home and l said: “Don’t take me to any hospital again” and l decided not to take any medicine. The doctor later assure me: “The way l, have seen Christ uploading you, l believe you will not die but medically impossible”. Later on another medical officer, upon seeing what l had been through, told me that it was the same thing Ariel Sharon, former Prime Minister of Israel through. And for years now still lying coma. It was at that time l realized what the man of God had done for me. I am forever grateful.

Life-Size Art Model of Ariel Sharon In A Coma

FC: so, the impact Prophet TB Joshua in your life is truly changing!

Rev. Antoh: Everything about TB Joshua is a model for me though l studied theology for several years, took several postgraduate degrees in theology, came as a professor of theology, set up a Bible school , until l came to TB Joshua all have been teaching was theory. I came to the Synagogue and saw the Bible demonstrated. The things you read in the Bible – you see them here! That’s why am so surprised that there are people who can have the audacity to talk against the man of God. They can do that because they don’t know. I am sure anybody who is criticizing TB Joshua has never met him personally.

FC: So, in summary what are the lessons you have learnt from the man of God

Rev. Antoh: One thing l have learnt is how to make the centrality of Christ the most fundamental in a person’s life. When l see TB Joshua, l see Christ in him Christ in undeniably the centre of his life. So the greatest thing l have learnt from him is to make Christ the center of my life.


Tell Ghanaians T B Joshua is a True Prophet of God – Rejoinder

I read an article purported to have been written by one Nii Amartey who claimed he was a member of The Synagogue, Church of All Nations, in which he made certain allegations against Prophet T.B. Joshua and the ministry.

In his statement he admonished Ghanaians to be wary of T.B. Joshua and that he wasn’t a true man of God. He specifically named one Kayode of the Awakener’s Church and Michael Lathbridge as ‘lackeys’ of T.B. Joshua.

Whilst referring to Kayode as T.B. Joshua’s lackey, he goes on further to ask him to confirm he has got his wife from him or better still the prophet had something to do with Kayode’s wife. In an attempt to further humiliate the man of God he called on Ghanaians to watch the so called ‘Deception of Age’ authored by some former members of SCOAN.

TB Joshua

The so called former member of SCOAN, not a disciple, also said he was enlightened having been to a theological school and studied the word of God and that what he has learned was not in tune with practices at SCOAN. ‘I have checked joshua’s teachings in the light of scriptures and found him wanting’, he said. I dare ask him, what part of Joshua’s teaching that is not in consonance with God’s word? He was however of the view that some of the miracles are true but some stage managed. He picked on Joshua’s acknowledgement that we are divine as well as physical beings to mean T.B. Joshua was equating himself with God. Non Christians even know this. We are body, soul and spirit, if that makes me God to you then that is your problem. T.B. Joshua has never proclaimed himself as the Christ or the Christ to come. He maintains that when the anointing comes on him the power of the Holy Ghost takes over because God uses his mental faculties to minster to people but after that we see the real T.B Joshua himself (physical). What is wrong with this? I pray that God will give you revelation and insight into his word than the bible school you are attending or have attended.

He seemed to be agitated by the fact that most Ghananains are in love with T.B. Joshua’s ministry, especially the president of Ghana, John Atta Mills.

I am rather surprised about Nii’s outbursts and I advice him to be sober and see everything being done in Lagos in the light of God’s word (revelation and insight). He should endeavour to check things for himself and be armed with evidence before publishing or running to the press.

Being a theologian as he claimed, I was shocked by some swear words he used, he said: ‘Joshua is a real motherfucker and not the man on of God he claims to be’. How can a supposedly theologian use such words? I don’t think he is a refined person who should be taken serious. He should run back to SCOAN for deliverance without that the spirit of obscenities that has taken over him will engulf him.

Is Amartey saying he is more intelligent than the president of Ghana and the ten of thousands of Ghanaians who tune in to watch Emmanuel TV everyday? I don’t even think he has the mental capacity to advice an illiterate Ghanaian who watches Emmanuel TV. The contradiction in his article is glaring and smacks of envy. The same kayode he calls ‘lackey’ can confirm that T.B. Joshua went to bed with his wife. What total and utter rubbish! In any case, Kayode’s wife is not dead, you can go and interview her and ascertain the truth.

The reason Agomoh and Bisola left are well documented and I would no elaborate on it. For all who are interested in knowing the truth should go on youtube and watch TB JOSHUA’S ACCUSERS EXPOSED! – BISOLA and AGOMOH


Controversial Nigerian Prophet T.B. Joshua can’t seem to stay out of the news. However, this time it’s not concerning a prophetic utterance or political visitor…

On Sunday 15th April 2012, Joshua’s popular church in Lagos was witness to a disgusting yet dramatic case of a man with a truly repulsive addiction. Mr Mukaila Malomo, a Nigerian who lived in Germany for 16 years, confessed to being addicted to regularly taking a sickening concoction of faeces, semen and urine.

According to Malomo, a graduate from the London School of Journalism, it all started one night in a prison cell in Germany. “I woke up in the middle of the night and a very wicked demon instructed me to get up from my bed,” he told the bewildered SCOAN congregation. “This strange voice said that I should go to the toilet, defecate and mix it with my sperm and urine. I mixed my urine, sperm and faeces and swallowed everything.”

man “delivered” from sickening addiction

Malomo, who worked in a reputable organic salad company in Munich before a drunken brawl landed him in prison, explained that an unusual anger and desire to fight immediately followed. “After I swallowed it, a very strange power came over me. I felt as if I was a small god. It overcame me and I became very strong and angry – as if there’s an extra power from another world entering my body. I was ready for war. Ever since then, for over 15 years, I have been addicted to eating my faeces, urine and sperm. I can’t stop it.”

He continued his sordid tale, explaining how each indulgence in the addiction would result in further violence. “After my release from prison, I was always fighting in Germany. Sometimes, the police would have to cover the whole street to try and stop me – and I was using only a bottle. I kept on stabbing without getting tired – because of this power that entered me.”

People present in the church could scarcely contain their shock as Malomo’s revelations continued. “It is not only my own faeces; on many occasions, I visited public toilets here in Nigeria and Germany and ate from there.” He described the mixture as food to him. “I enjoy it. I don’t even perceive any smell. I eat it as if I eat eba (Nigerian cuisine) or something like that.”

Malomo, married to a German Hungarian lady who gave birth to his only son while in prison, described how he had kept this addiction a total secret from the world around him. “As I am eating it, that evil spirit will be telling me that this thing is only for me, that nobody should know, otherwise the power will go.”

Joshua proceeded to tell his congregation and the viewers worldwide watching the live broadcast via Christian television station Emmanuel TV that a video clip would be shown to verify Malomo’s confession. Stating that it was too graphic for him to witness, he covered his face and advised viewers without strong stomachs to do likewise. The clip showed Malomo mixing his own urine and faeces together and then drinking the revolting contents with apparent ease and delight. People within the auditorium vomited at the sight, distressed at the level of degradation the addiction had rendered on Malomo.

Joshua then called on the congregants to join together in supplication and proceeded to pray for the ‘demon’ within Malomo to come out! Falling to the floor, Malomo’s body began vibrating uncontrollably and uncannily. Asked to explain what was happening, Malomo said he felt as if something was leaving his body.

Joshua then instructed Malomo to go to the church’s public toilet to see how his reaction towards human waste had changed following the prayer. Merely perceiving the odour of other’s defecation caused Malomo himself to vomit. He returned to the church, testifying that all desire for his former addiction had vanished as the realization of his earlier actions dawned upon him. “Apart from being irritated by the odour, I feel ashamed, in the sense that – how can a human being be eating faeces,” he told the congregation, as he joined Joshua in a joyful dance.

SCOAN has now controversially released the video on popular video-sharing site YouTube and via their Facebook account which has garnered well over 100,000 fans in just four months. Although Malomo’s case appears to be the most extreme, many with strange addictions claim to have been delivered at Joshua’s ministry over the last few months, including those addicted to drinking kerosene, eating ice cubes, sand, charcoal, mothballs and soil.

T.B. Joshua has set social networks and local media ablaze in recent months, especially with his prediction concerning the death of the late Malawian president Bingu wa Mutharika and revelations of his relationships with African leaders such as Ghana’s John Atta Mills, Zimbabwe’s Morgan Tsvangarai and Malawi’s new head Joyce Banda. His television station Emmanuel TV continues to increase in popularity, especially across Africa where he is becoming a household name.

The shocking case of a man delivered from a sickening addiction to eating faeces, feces, sperm and drinking urine for over 15 years. Prepare to hear the tale of how Mr Malomo went from a German prison cell where his horrible addiction started, to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria where he finally received his freedom.

Please note — this graphic footage is of a VERY sensitive nature and may not be suitable for all, especially for younger viewers. However, it is to build people’s faith and for the glory of God. If millions of this generation are to believe, they must see the proof that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

The footage is not in any way intended to disgrace or embarrass Mr Malomo, but rather to disgrace satan and his unclean spirits who cause people to lose control and commit such shameful and abominable acts. As John 10:10 says, “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

SCOAN TV is the official YouTube Channel of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (The SCOAN), Emmanuel TV and T.B. Joshua.
Watch the authentic power of God bringing healing, deliverance, blessing and solution to people’s lives. This footage is taken directly from The Emmanuel TV File and as you watch in faith, you can get healed, blessed and linked up with God! Distance is not a barrier for the Holy Spirit to get to you. Just believe! Believing is your connection to Jesus Christ!

Mutharika Knew That His Days of Living Were Numbered

NIGERIAN Prophet TB Joshua has revealed that the late Malawi president Bingu Wa Mutharika knew that the prophecy of the death of an elderly African leader was talking about him.

Speaking during a Sunday service broadcasted live on his Emmanuel Television, TB Joshua also displayed the letter written by Mutharika to him. President Mutharika died on Thursday after a sudden cardiac arrest.

TB Joshua’s prophecy was first made on 18th March 2012 and repeated on April 1. Malawi newspapers reported the prophecy but Mutharika downplayed it when he told local religious leaders that he will not die because a person wished so.

A cabinet minister Yunus Mussa nonetheless did not take the prophecy lightly as he offered an animal sacrifice to ensure it did not pass.

TB Joshua informed the packed church and millions of viewers following the service via Television that when a prophecy is made the one talked about always knows.

“Last week on Sunday I told you I see the close Thursday,” said TB Joshua.

He told the service that God shows him a lot of things and he only tells people what they are suppose to hear.

“When a prophet says I can see death he is simply telling you to put your house in order,” he said.
“But everyone would like to hear when and how? Here we are only passing through tell your neighbour”

He revealed: “Nine days ago I received a letter from his excellence Malawian president. He sent it to me because he knew I was talking to him.”

Knew he was dying … The late Malawian President Bingu wa Mutharika
TB Joshua did not disclose the content of the letter saying it was personal but just showed the top reflecting whom it was addressed to and the bottom showing the sender.

He explained that Mutharika knew that his days of living were numbered and that he had answered God’s call and was now resting.

He prayed for the people of Malawi to forge ahead under the leadership of President Joyce Banda who has been visiting the Prophet in Nigeria.

Meanwhile, Mutharika’s remains will be flown from South Africa to Malawi on Thursday, a Foreign Affairs ministry official told AFP.

“An official announcement will be made today but the late president will be flown by a South African military plane,” the official said Monday.

After suffering a heart attack on Thursday, Mutharika was flown to South Africa and was pronounced dead on arrival at a military hospital there the same day.

The date for his funeral has not yet been made public, but he is expected to be buried near his home village at his sprawling Ndata farm in the southern Thyolo district.
Mutharika’s first wife Ethel, who died three years ago, is also buried at the farm.




For indeed we are living in interesting times! One man’s obedience to the call of God on his life has brought about spiritual insights to the things of God and what the plan of God is to our lives.

Every now and then we hear words of knowledge and words of wisdom that blow our minds from the Synagogue, Church of All Nations. When it comes to healings and casting of devils from possessed individuals, it is simply phenomenal.

Prophet TB Joshua

What is now making the rounds in the world in the last three days is the fulfilment and accuracy of T.B. Joshua’s prophecy on the death of an African president. This is not new because testimonies abound on the precision and accuracy of his prophecies. We are not unaware of the prophecy he gave to the president of Ghana, the Israel and Iran crisis and

how it should be handled and many others that came to pass. C.S Upthergrove the renowned bible scholar and a well respected pastor who worked under one of God’s celebrated generals, A.A. Allen said it all when he read a hand written prophecy he had received from the Lord concerning T.B. Joshua’s ministry and the direction the Lord was taking it. He said the Lord has made T.B. Joshua one of the twelve prophets in the world with a mandate of preparing God’s people to the endtime coming of our Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

The detractors of SCOAN are not unaware of what the Lord is using T.B. Joshua to do in this dying world, bringing hope to the hopeless and changing lives throughout the world. Their only aim is to destroy him. But, again, who can destroy who God has called?

C.S. Upthergrove

Their next line of action is to pick on C.S. Upthergrove and dismember his prophecy and also destroy him in the process. They are worthless people without conscience and agents of the devil himself. Upthergrove’s prophecy tells us in no uncertain terms that the prophecies coming from T.B. Joshua is not delusional but authentic and genuine. Anyway, who cares about the discredited anti-T.B. Joshua blog and what they say? They are a useless bunch parading as angels of light. They should do something positive with their lives. Those of their colleagues who persevered in the Synagogue are now blessed without measure and doing God’s work. We thank god for their lives.

Indeed what God is doing in T.B. Joshua’s ministry is simply phenomenal and unassailable. It is only simple minds and wicked people who will deny the God’s anointing in this humble vessel. This is what T.B Joshua had to say about the passing of African president:

This past Sunday Nigerian ‘prophet’ Temitope Balogun Joshua (TB Joshua) repeated his February prophecy that “the death of an old African president” is imminent. T.B Joshua, who leads the Synagogue Church of All Nations (Scoan), announced that an African leader would die within 60 days.

“God loves us, you should pray for one African head of state, when I say President… again the sickness that is likely to take life; sudden death, it could be sickness being in the body for a long time but God showed me the country and the place but I’m not here to say anything like that,” Joshua said in February.

On Sunday Joshua narrowed down the location by excluding West Africa.

“What I was saying is very close now. You want to hear more, and it is very, very close now. Whether you like it or not, this is what I’ve seen. Pray for a leader. Well, God showed me everything but I’m praying to see if this thing can be changed,” Joshua said, adding he would “not say anything more than that.”

In an attempt to cast a slur on the reputation of the man of God, the anti T.B. Joshua blog has now published falsehood in an attempt to lure unsuspecting and gullible individuals to the fact that the prophecy was vague.

The owners of this anti- T.B. Joshua blog seem to be standing on a sinking ground. First, they got Sky and BBC to run SOAN down in London but failed abysmally to get the Church closed down, Second, they tailed the backs of our different worshipping places to convince them not to allow us to worship at these centres, and again, we keep on surviving and getting stronger each an every day.

They claim they are ex- members of SCOAN and those who have had some relationship with SCOAN in the past and now find themselves opposed to SCOAN. I pity these miscreants because they are directionless and this brought about their expulsion from this great ministry. Those who could not cope with the tenets and principles of the organisation had to go. It happens in the Roman Catholic seminary and all other religious bodies. There are others who had to leave the ministry because their positions became untenable and had to leave.

What is then the problem with these childish school children? Are they saying they are more brilliant than those who have analysed the prophecies of T.B. Joshua and found them to be true and authentic?

We thank God for giving us the likes of T.B. Joshua to direct us towards His purpose and plans for the world. We also thank God for choosing somebody from Africa to channel His plans for the future to. What a great God we serve.


Why do they gang up against TB Joshua?

First, we would like to let all our readers know Satan and his children are NOT happy with the way God is operating at the SCOAN, using Prophet TB Joshua and 5 Wise men hence, they continue to fabricate lies upon lies in attempt to damage the ministry of TB Joshua.

People of God, we ought to be aware that Satan is not looking for the people who are already in his kingdom, rather he’s busy hauling those who in God’s kingdom into his kingdom. As it was so it is, just as Judas was used to betray Jesus, certain individuals who failed at SCOAN to become Wise men or otherwise now use online news site to spread spiteful lies against the work of God at the SCOAN.

Why do they gang up against TB Joshua?

Prophet TB Joshua

Nigerians in particular and the world in general must appreciate the fivefold ministerial gift the Lord, God, has reposed in Prophet T.B. Joshua. His accurate prophecies on personal, local and world events are unparalleled in our present dispensation. In fact he moves powerfully in the word of knowledge and the word of wisdom. Recently he re-echoed what he has been saying about Israel and Iran for the past three years. He spoke of the dire consequences a war between them will have on the world. He said other countries would join in if a war broke out between them and this would worsen the already fragile economies of the world. He therefore admonished them to work towards peace, dialogue and understanding. On India he said there is an impending calamity which will involve a bridge breaking down.

On healing, the Lord is using him tremendously to bring relief and healing to his people who otherwise would have died in impoverished Africa. Cancers and diseases of all types are healed by the power of God in the Synagogue. People from all races across the continent throng the Synagogue to see the wonders the Lord is doing in the life of this young and willing vessel to bring relief to his children. Curses are broken and people caged by demons are set free and loosed from their bondage’s.

With this mighty anointing on his life he remains humble and sober crediting everything to our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ. Unlike his compatriots who choose to be surrounded by bodyguards and convoys, he goes a lone trusting in the God of our Lord Jesus Christ for his protection. He is not flamboyant and does not ride in the latest limousines and yet there is always envy in the circles of Pentecostalism to discredit and destroy him. Among those perpetrators of these evil deeds are some of the Prophet’s own followers who out of greed have joined the bandwagon. If you look at Agomoh and Bisola critically and listen to their own testimony of how they got to the Synagogue and their subsequent actions after leaving Synagogue, tells you about their main agenda. Their main agenda was to make money and defraud people using the name of the Prophet. Others like the former pastors of a branch, theirs was to hijack the branch thereby making it their bona fide property. When their attempt failed, they left with their recruited thugs to form a blog to destroy Prophet T.B. Joshua.

Our reders’ be careful of what you read.