War in the Church, Many against TB Joshua Part 2

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War part 2

Continuation of  War in the Church, Many against TB Joshua Part 1

Ayo Oritsejafor, president of the P.F.N, again on the issue of T.B. Joshua and who tutored him to become a pastor, had this to say:

‘Jesus did not say by their words you will know them; he said by the fruit you shall know them’. Every Nigerian by this time would be able to discern a good fruit from by a bad one’.

In terms of modesty, humility, love for fellow man, good deeds, and including comments on national issue, you will

AK 47

know who is Christ-like and the one who is made up of falsehood. On the issue of Boko Haram, while TB Joshua was saying we Christians do not defend ourselves because we have a defender – the Holy spirit, Ayo Oritsejafor was calling on Christians to defend themselves because the government seemed incapable of defending them, he even made no reference to the holy spirit, or support his advice with scripture, in other words, while one of them was concerned with the unity of Nigeria, the other was fanning the flames of war. Come to think of it, with Ayo’s advice to Christians on self-defense, with what should Christians defend themselves? Is it with Holy water, Crucifixes or Bibles? He said it so casually; Christians defend thy self!!!.  How? To go to church with a pistol in their pockets? or perhaps AK 47 in their babaringa? (African traditional wear)  Did he really mean we should use guns and swords?  

Our Lord cautioned us against that, “No more of this,” Jesus said to Peter (Lk. 22:51) and then, further, this was what Jesus proceeded to say – as Matthew records it – “‘Put your sword back in its place,’ Jesus said to him, ‘for all who draw the sword will die by the sword’. Ayo, let love reign and seek to always pray for your perceived enemies. CAN need to be very careful in their advice so that is not taken as a call for Christians to start killing non-Christians. a concerned Nigerian commented on this issue by saying that from Ayo’s response on the Boko haram issue, He seems to forget that as Christians , we all have a “dark side of the soul” that is waiting to be used by the devil. CAN should not blind to see that a religious war in Nigeria is just what Bork Haram and the forces of the devil want and no matter the situation CAN should not allow themselves to be used by the forces of evil. The love of God in our hearts will not allow us shed the blood of sinners that we pray and seek to convert. In due time, members of Boko haram will become born again Christians, preaching the gospel all over the world. St Paul is an example.

I thought Ayo being the president of the P.F.N was capable of summoning all the opinion leaders in Nigeria, including both Christians and Muslims and other religions to build bridges towards peace than rather adding more fuel to flames. The issues are well launched. Who do you think bears good fruit worthy of emulation?

On corruption in Nigeria, Ayo, had this to say, “You know, in Ghana, Rawlings shot them. But we can’t do that in Nigeria. So we are praying that those who refuse to change, God should kill them, they should die. Because there are some people, if they don’t die, Nigeria may not move forward. So we are praying that such people should die. God should kill them. God can kill. God makes a life, and God kills too. So there are some people who may have to die, some structures God may have to destroy to move Nigeria forward. ”(See clip on YouTube –

So, here is Ayo talking about corruption in Nigeria but has forgotten to address the filth in the church, the extortion of the gullible by pastors of his like which is akin to corruption on the national scale. As Emerson will say on such issues, ‘a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of simple minds”. Here is a man who sees everything wrong about his nation and people but fails to examine himself inwardly and his shortcomings. Luke 6:42 sums Ayo’s character, ‘How can you say to your brother, ‘Brother, let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when you yourself fail to see the plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Again, Ayo, seek love and not vengeance. Why has killing our enemies become a phenomenon in charismaticism? Can’t we ever pray for our enemies to change their way of thinking and to reform? Let love lead instead of hate.

Tunde Bakare

Chris Okotie

On Chris Okotie and Ladi Thompson, the least said, the better for us all. On Okotie, he can only be described as an opportunist hiding behind the veil of Christendom to propagate his political views. In fact he is a politician. A pop star turned televangelist; there is nothing new about him. An expert on controversies, he peddles in rumour and lies to discredit men of God he seems not to like. He is an attention seeker without anything to offer Nigerians. He masquerades as a man of God to draw attention to himself. As a man on an ego trip, he has dabbled as a student of law, pop star, a law degree holder and a flamboyant televangelist. To him what he conjectures becomes a reality and goes to the extent of placing it in the public domain. This is what he has done in the case of T.B. Joshua. Chris and Tunde Bakare in this regard are the same. Tunde, when he is ‘belly full’, comes out with cock and bull stories of visions he has had from God about other pastors, all with the purpose of denigrating them and projecting himself as the ‘holier than thou’ pastor, seer and politician in Nigeria. St. Bakare! Tunde and Chris have not met T.B. Joshua, not spoken to him nor dialogued with him, yet they destroy him. What is their mission then? Is it to fight for God? Tunde Bakare for all intent and purpose is a walking contradiction, populist and opportunist. He predicted the demise of Obasanjo and never came to pass, he referred to Buhari as the passing phase or one rejected by God yet he partnered him as Buhari’s running mate in the last election. This is simply not a man of God. He is a populist and a dangerous person and must be seen for what he is, looking for the slightest opportunity to jump on. He does not hear or see visions from God. His is trickery of the highest order.

Last, but not the least, is Ladi Thompson, a confusions’ with a political colorization who displays a coffin on his altar and in his office with inscriptions like kill corruption etc. He is the originator of the confused ‘omoluabi’ concept which he explains is a way of fighting and stopping corruption in Nigeria. The fact is, what has he done in fighting corruption in his own small way?

Rev. Thompson

Bisola Johson

His main pre- occupation is chasing mirages, perceived enemies, people who don’t pose a threat to

Agomoh Paul

him, and sponsoring ex-disciples of Prophet T.B. Joshua in the publication ‘of the deception of the ages’ by Agomoh and Bisola and selling it for over 40 dollars a copy. To Ladi, the gospel of love does not exist. He’s the type who gives a ‘dog a bad name and hangs it’ to satisfy their parochial needs. This is the mentality of an ungodly person. He believes in the African syndrome of ‘I don’t know him but have to destroy him’, period! Where is the love we hear so much in 1 Corinthians 13:13. Has that escaped him?

We need men of impeccable character, consistent and God fearing, people who could be called sons of God, made up of love.



7 thoughts on “War in the Church, Many against TB Joshua Part 2

  1. Tocadel says:

    I would advise you to spend your time doing good deeds like TB Joshua. You are so fake that you cannot even show your face. The whole world knows TB Joshua. Who knows you? Even the tittle of your Magazine tells alot about you. Your purpose in not of God. Be careful of what you are bringing on to yourself and family. If you can do half of what TB Joshua is doing for mankind i would forgive you. I curse you in the name of God for trying to distract me from the Light

  2. Hello to whom it may concern,I want to kindly beg everyone of us that our coment and post on the internet goes a long way to either destroy or put us in the right position.I have been following this blog and I have come to the conclussion that My prophet,the true anointed man of God TBJ I know and love so deeply can not permit all this write up.Please let stop all this name calling two wrongs can never make a right,We are sons and daughters of LOVE so let Love reigns.
    Note that I am one unrepentant follower of the Man in the synagogue .His views and coments are always for peace.Please I rest my case

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